I spin in circles…


I spin in circles…


Not as a young child twirls

Not as a lovely yellow umbrella between the fingers of a lady

But as a dry blanket of dust, searching for my soul to be made full.


I look over my shoulder…


Wanting to be appreciated by my peers

Wanting to be admired by strangers and those who know me well

But I find emptiness in my efforts.


I drop to my knees…


Alone, empty and seeking


I lift my eyes upward…


Feeling peace and calm

Feeling the rest that only giving your cares over can bring

And I find my value rests in Him alone

All Content and Images: Copyright 2010 SongsKateSang/Kate Eschbach© All rights reserved

emily - So beautiful and true. Why do we always insist on looking elsewhere? It reminds me of Psalm 121: I lift my eyes up …
Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem!

Mary Thompson - Dear Katie,
That sounds like my heart discussion with the Lord this week too. But your imagery is always so beautiful. You just keep growing and growing. I love love that too. You are precious, unique, and totally admirable.

lynsey - beautiful writing, kate! i can completely relate to this, and am sure that many others can too. i bet you’d be surprised though, at how many people admire you. even those who have only met you in person once but think you are fabulous! 🙂