I shall not walk alone…

So, I had my followup on Thursday.

I learned so much… I don’t even know where to begin.  (I am still looking up all the words from my blood work on google… ha}

Basically, it means that Sweet Baby J and Nate the Great are miracles, especially knowing that I carried them to term without any complications.

I know they are miracles already.  I know.  But I sorta always envisioned Brian and I being parents of 8.  Okay, 4.  Well, at least 3…  🙂

So, I have so many tears tonight. 

Tears for my sweet twins in heaven.

Tears for my beautiful children that are trying their hardest not to go to sleep right now…  I’m pretty sure that Julia is reading Nate the knock, knock joke book as I write this.

Tears for my generous husband… I am not the kindest person right now.  I am trying hard, but falling very short in this arena of life at the moment.

Tears for what is to come.

But most of all, tears of joy.  Thank you, God for my blessings.

Thank you, God for your grace.

Thank you, God for your mercy.

I know I never walk alone.


Mary Thompson - Call me. let me help.

Blaire - My sweet friend, know that you are prayed for and loved. I am here for you if need me…to talk…to listen…to cry…I am here.

Sara at Saving For Someday - Dear Kate,
I wish I could make the hurt and sadness go away. I never know why we need to have these types of experiences. To make us better, I guess. To humble us. To help us see the glory and grace not only with us but before us.
You never walk alone. But when you need mere mortals to hear your voice cry out, laugh or even offer a warm, friendly hug remember, even here in your home town you are not alone.
With kindness and friendship,

MIchelle - Oh, sweet Kate. You are a strong and beautiful woman and will never have to walk alone. God is with you. He is the God of all comfort. Crawl into his arms and let him love on you.
Praying for you.