Just a little something off the bucket list…

Kate and Mallary

{Photo by Chris Gossen – Kate and Mallary Hope}

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to sing backup for someone.  Anyone…

Amy Grant has always been my dream.

Have you heard the Dido song ‘Look no Further‘?

If you haven’t, go ahead…. I don’t mind, I’ll wait right here…


Part of the lyrics from Look No Further

I might have been a singer
Who sailed around the world

I might have been a poet
Who walked upon the moon

But among your books
Among your clothes
Among the noise and fuss
I’ve let it go

I can’t stop and catch my breath
And look no further for happiness
And I will not turn again
‘Cause my heart has found it’s home


I know, it is a strange dream ~ backup singer ~ but I love harmony with all of my being.

Harmony for me is where it is at.

I am an alto through and through ~ no high beautiful, soaring notes ~ just rich, lovely harmony please.

Becoming a famous singer is one of those dreams that I have chalked up to childhood fantasies or daydreaming.

Last Sunday, our Music Minister called and let me know that an up and coming Country Artist was singing at our church for a wedding that Saturday.  He mentioned our band to him and she agreed to come back and sing!

{For about ten seconds, I assumed that he was going to tell me that she would be singing the whole Mass, so the singers wouldn’t be needed ~ but THEN ~ he said that we could sing WITH her!}



Um, Ok!

So, Sunday I was beside myself.

On Sunday mornings, you can find me up with the choir, worshiping and praising my Sweet Savior.

Music is my favorite way to praise.

It is the only time when I can really close out the world and sing, just for Him… just to Him.

This past Sunday, I’m sure I was halfway to heaven.

I’ve uploaded the songs, just press the gray bar to play 🙂

It Is Well

{Lead ~ Mallary Hope, Alto ~ Kate, Tenor ~ Kent}

Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone

{Lead ~ Mallary Hope, Backup Vocals ~ Veritas124}

How Great Thou Art

{Get your tissues out ~ this one is all Mallary!}


Mallary was so lovely.

She was kind, gracious, beautiful and so, so very talented.

Feel free to look her up:

So, maybe it’s not just a childhood fantasy or daydream…
Maybe singing backup it is something I should stay open to.
Maybe 🙂
Lots of hugs to you,
Keep dreaming,

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