Why the name, Songs Kate Sang?


So, you know that I like to sing and you know that I put the word ‘Song’ in my blog name…

Have you wondered why?


Oh, that’s cool.  I’ll tell you anyways 🙂

i LOVE to sing.

I met Mr. B in a jazz choir in high school (I know, right?!).

I wanted the word ‘Song’ in my blog name to be my ‘Psalms’.

And my brother put a ‘mix’ of my latest songs from Sunday mornings.

Happy Sunday dear friends!



keri ~ forever folding laundry - What a gorgeous voice you have!!
You’re a talent, lady! 🙂

Mindy Harris - thanks for commenting on the green couch design blog to enter the apron giveaway. will you post another comment on my blog saying that you commented on their blog? thank you!

tinuviel - How fun to hear your beautiful voice!!! Thanks to your brother for that. Love to you!

FaithJ - Happy Sunday to you too… I saw your Tweet and Tweetd you back…
Thank you so much! 🙂
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