The Picnic Table

Songs Kate Sang Photography-8

After a miscarriage, I am physically exhausted.

My body is so tired and it is all I can do to keep my eyes open some days.

Songs Kate Sang Photography-2

Brian had found a picnic table on freecyle and a few Saturdays ago I woke up from a nap to some strange noises…

He had Nate and a friend outside sanding the table.

Songs Kate Sang Photography-7

We might not talk much about the miscarriage, but this is how he shows me… he just wants everything to be ok.

I love that sanding a picnic table is how he shows me that he loves me.

Songs Kate Sang Photography-6

If you are struggling with grief ~ in any form, remember ~ everyone handles grief differently.

Someone may not be loving on you the way you want to be loved on.  They may be sending you an email when you really want a starbucks.  They may be calling you when you would rather have an email.

Remember to respect them and appreciate them for how they do reach out.

This too will pass and those that reach out showed you something unbelievable – unconditional love.

Love was showered on you when you were incapable of returning that love.  That handful of people will become your treasure.  Adore them and treasure them.  Remember how they showed you love – because most likely, that is how they would love to be shown. - Thank you so much for this Megan! Love you, too!

Megan - I know this post is old, but I made it here today, and I also know that the sadness isn’t bound by time. I so agree that you have to let people love you in the way they know how. I hate it when people post all the things you “shouldn’t say” to someone who [fill in the blank]. I stick my foot in my mouth more often than I probably know, but my intentions are always in the right place. It’s so sweet that you recognized his act as an act of love. Love YOU!

keri - forever folding laundry - Sorry, friend, I didn’t know.
Hugs to you from one who understands.
Much love.

katesfriend - So sweet. Made me teary. What a wonderful family you have. And how wonderful that you can recognize their love. Reminds me to open my eyes to look for the signs of love around me, that it might be a sanded table instead of a fancy date. Thanks for the refreshing perspective!

tinuviel - XOXOXO. These photos warm my heart. May the Lord send custom-fitted love your way today.
(Wise words in the midst of your grief!)

Mary Thompson - Love, hugs prayers.

Melissa - hugs and kisses. and if I were there, Starbucks 🙂

Melissa - I’m so sorry, Kate! I hope you have many opportunities for rest.

Allison Waken - I am so sorry and you are so right. Love comes from our family members in so many different ways. Glad you have love surrounding you.

Rebecca - I am so sorry. I did not know about your loss. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.
Thinking of you,

Tracey - ((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

Wendy - Sending you much love!

hannah singer - awesome table project! beautiful post.
i really like you.