Coffee Date: One for the itty bitty baby…


It is hard to believe that two years ago that I learned that I lost the twins.

If we had coffee today, I would tell you that I didn’t even wake up today remembering this.

In a strange twist of events, I was participating in looking into what I posted two years ago and all the sudden – wow.

There it was.

I would tell you that I do miss them.  I woud tell you that I do think about how old they would be.  I would tell you that I have named them and that I spoke to Brian about them after work today.

But then I would tell you that I really do have peace.

I believe with all of my heart that they are being rocked to sleep in heaven tonight and that the angels are singing to them.


Coffee Dates  are the sweet creation of Alissa over at Rags to Stitches.  

There are so many beautiful souls here in Blogland!  I wish we lived down the street from each other and really could meet for coffee.

Thank you, Alissa for creating a space where we can meet and share coffee together.

Come on over!

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