Dream Chaser | Lucky

My friend, Antonio, and I sing on Sunday mornings together.
He asked if I would record some harmonies with him – and it has been a blast!
This time, he made a video.
I know – I look like I am nervous or concerned…  I’ll work on that next time.  🙂
Have a great day!

Stacy Kidd - I LOVE THIS!!! My kids are also equally impressed! Great job! You’re astonishing!
After God made you, He smiled! and you haven’t stopped reflecting that your whole life through!

Wendy - In awe!!!!! Love your smile!

Mary Thompson - You two blend so well and I love the song. It is important to marry your best friend.

denise@victory rd. - fun!
you have a lovely voice.

heather - you are amazing!
and i don’t think you look nervous at all!
you look full of happiness 🙂

amy jupin - i am beyond impressed.
smooth, easy, wow…this is just wonderful!

Heidi - I heart Katie’s voice.

Kristen - beautiful voices!

hannah - well. i will be listening to this a million times.
LOVE your smooth sound, girl. beautiful, powerful loveliness! Xo