Dream Chaser | Dove’s Eyes

Kate Eschbach Photography - Antonio and Kate -5a

This is one of my favorite songs.

To me, this song is about me humbly sitting at the feet of Christ.

I want to lift my eyes and thank Him.  I want to look up into His wonderful face and gaze into His glory.

When I sit in His beautiful presence in Mass, I find myself staring at my hands, too shy and too amazed to truly look up.

I find myself distracted by so many things.

This song, by Misty Edwards, captures the devotion that I long to have to Him.

Thank you, Kent, for introducing me to Misty Edwards.

Thank you, Antonio, for allowing me to sing with you.

Hope you enjoy it!

Mary Thompson - Y’all just get better and better. You put it all on the line and share. What a blessing you are.