Happy Monday!

Kate Eschbach Photography-187

It has been so rainy around here…

Really wonderful for this desert girl! It makes me slow down and be thankful for the blue sky that is around 99% of the time.

This weekend was amazing.  My elbow feels better.

I met Annalea in person! (say what?! )

To meet someone that knows the pain and grief of miscarriage is amazing.  She knows.  When I speak half sentences that end with “you know”….  she understands.

There are people in this world that have been through what you are going through.  Find them.  They will help you and comfort you.

Kate Eschbach Photography-185

I hope your week is full of wonderful sunshine and still hope for a new and wonderful year.

Much love,


Mary Thompson - Blessings

Jennifer Rizzo - I hope you have a wonderful week too. God seems to know when to bring the right people and I am glad that person has found you. I hope you have a week full of sunshine too!

Amy @AmyBarseghian - Yes, Kate…this is so true! It is such a gift to meet those people who can understand without words.

Shandra - It’s SO helpful to find someone who knows your pain. I’ve become so much closer to a friend since I had a miscarriage in September. I was 15 1/2 weeks along, so it was a HUGE shock to us. As it turns out, she’d lost twins at that gestational age only a month earlier…and it was the third pregnancy she’d lost that late or later. It’s so hard to go through, but finding someone who knows makes all the difference in the world. I don’t know you, but I wish I could give you a hug right now! It gets better, even if it still hurts, I promise!