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Thank you so much for all of the emails and comments and encouragement.  You really know how to make someone feel loved!  Thank you!  When I have an overwhelming moment, I take a minute and read your kind words – it helps… a lot.

Ok – so I’ll keep going with the story 🙂  {You don’t have to twist my arm!}

Today marks one week of nights in our home.

It is absolutely surreal to me.

He fits into our family like this little missing piece that we didn’t realize was missing.

I wanted to answer some questions for you:

Question #1:  Why is this all going so quickly?  I thought adoption took 2-3 years?  

Answer:  Because the great-aunt and I have a mutual friend, the family met with us and designated us for their sweet little boy.   This makes our situation what is known as a “designated” or “identified” adoption.

Question #2: When will you post his picture?

I am trying to be very sensitive to his family.  This is a transition, not just for him and for us – but for them as well.  They are kind, dear people and I want to wait a little while longer.  Thank you for understanding.

No – your questions don’t bother me at all…  Keep them coming!  It is good that I write all this down.


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