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This paper is 14 years old.

The morning of Little Guy’s baptism I searched and searched for this paper and found it in Julia’s baby book.

When we were first married, we were good little newlyweds and visited family all the time – which gave us about an hour and a half in the car – from College Station, Texas to The Woodlands, Texas or hours in the car from College Station, Texas to Murphy, Texas.

These were such a great drives – Navasota, Todd Mission, Magnolia, Corsicana, Fairfield… great music and McDonalds french fries.


When we were expecting Julia, the ultrasound didn’t show if she was a boy or a girl.  So we had to figure out girl’s names and boy’s names.

Julia was born six weeks early – so it was a good thing she was a girl!

We had only agreed on the girl’s name – Julia Tirion.  This means youthful, kind and gentle. Julia is also a saints name – something that is so very important to us.

We could NOT agree on a boys name.

We settled on two first names – Nathaniel, which means gift of God, and Riley, which means valiant and courageous.


Julia was born.


Then, Nathaniel.

And do you see the other name we wanted for a son?

All these years… so many miscarriages later – we never used the name Riley.  Never.

I dreamt of my children.  Sometimes their names were whispered to me in the quiet of the night.

And now?  We have a Riley!

And remember what Riley means?  Courageous and Valiant!  I tell you what – his bravery shows up every day.  He has embraced a new family with love and kindness at two years old.

What a perfect name.

The night Karen told me about him, I held my breath.  His name is Riley?  Is this too perfect?

Yes, yes it is.  That is how God works.

Have a great week!


Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes - Oh my gosh!! How perfectly amazing!

Wendy - Beautiful story!

Denise@VictoryRd. - Of course. Because that’s so God.

I can’t wait.

tinuviel - Awesome. Truly God’s fingerprints. Thank you so much for sharing this. Just… wow.

Elisabeth - Awesome!

Mary Thompson - This is the best. I love the symmetry of God. He is good all the time.

Blair - I agree with the other comment. Each story is more and more beautiful. Thank you for sharing these little details along the way. Many blessings to your precious Riley!

Joy - Katie!!!’ God did this!!!
I love it!

Rita Rossini - I am in awe. Thank you for sharing. Love to hear how God attends to each detail.

Jeni - God and His ways are truly perfect, and this is a beautiful reminder of that fact! Love you all and congratulations again. xoxo

Amy - Wow wow wow. I can’t believe this story keeps getting more and more beautiful. This brings tears to my eyes. So SO happy for you!

Elaine - Amazing