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Riley's Name

This paper is 14 years old.

The morning of Little Guy’s baptism I searched and searched for this paper and found it in Julia’s baby book.

When we were first married, we were good little newlyweds and visited family all the time – which gave us about an hour and a half in the car – from College Station, Texas to The Woodlands, Texas or hours in the car from College Station, Texas to Murphy, Texas.

These were such a great drives – Navasota, Todd Mission, Magnolia, Corsicana, Fairfield… great music and McDonalds french fries.


When we were expecting Julia, the ultrasound didn’t show if she was a boy or a girl.  So we had to figure out girl’s names and boy’s names.

Julia was born six weeks early – so it was a good thing she was a girl!

We had only agreed on the girl’s name – Julia Tirion.  This means youthful, kind and gentle. Julia is also a saints name – something that is so very important to us.

We could NOT agree on a boys name.

We settled on two first names – Nathaniel, which means gift of God, and Riley, which means valiant and courageous.

Julia's Baptism

Julia was born.

Nate's Baptism

Then, Nathaniel.

And do you see the other name we wanted for a son?

All these years… so many miscarriages later – we never used the name Riley.  Never.

I dreamt of my children.  Sometimes their names were whispered to me in the quiet of the night.

And now?  We have a Riley!

And remember what Riley means?  Courageous and Valiant!  I tell you what – his bravery shows up every day.  He has embraced a new family with love and kindness at two years old.

What a perfect name.

The night Karen told me about him, I held my breath.  His name is Riley?  Is this too perfect?

Yes, yes it is.  That is how God works.

Have a great week!


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