Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Fly Postcard A

I thought about letting yesterday go by without saying anything, but then I read Rachel’s post.

I remembered the comfort and bond I felt reading stories of women who had been through exactly what I had been through.   I remember feeling like I was taking a deep breath when I realized other women felt the same.

At the time, I was pretty sure that I was the only person who secretly kept a blanket they had been given as a congratulations gift.  I thought I was the only girl in the world who cried in her closet and held that pink blanket close.


Here is our story…

One miscarriage after Julia and before Nate.

Five miscarriages since Nate.  One of those miscarriages was twins.   When people ask me why there is such a big age difference between Nate and Riley, I just smile.

For a long time, walking through the Target baby section made me sad.

Sometimes, it is surreal to think about those ultrasounds.  No heartbeats.   If I close my eyes, I am transported back to that very room with Brian holding my hand.

So, what I’m trying to say is that if you’ve been through it, I’m so sorry.

I know there are no right words to fix anything.

I can tell you that He has met me in places and found me when I was pretty sure I couldn’t smile anymore.  I am absolutely healing from the hurt and it has gotten easier for me.

Brian and I have named them so that I know whose names to call out when I meet them one day.

Please let me know how I can pray for you.

With love,


Heather - I have walked the same road.

One loss between my first and second born.

Lost twins in 2006.

Four more before a healthy baby girl in 2010.

That’s why I have a “gap.” People ask… And I tell. Gently. Because many, many others have also walked here. - Thank you, Suzanne! I appreciate you. - Thank you, Jenna. That means so much. - Dear friend, I am praying for your loss. Looking forward to heaven with you.

Suzanne - Oh friend. Thank you for sharing your story. You and your babies are so loved!

Jenna Lou - I can only imagine the hurt and pain from loosing these babies… it makes my heart want to shrivel up. Praying for you and all mamas.

Dawn - I, too, have three precious souls waiting for me in heaven. That gives me so much comfort knowing I will hold them someday. God Bless you and all of your babies!