Tween and Teen Style – Sweet Baby J

Kate Eschbach Photography -3a

My firstborn. She is lovely.

Kindness, gentleness, and diligence are the qualities you notice right away. Spend a little time near her and you will watch her love cover everyone around her like a blanket of sweet honey. Her magic is that you don’t even notice how profound her love is.

I enjoy the sound of her voice. I am grateful that she shares her stories with me.

Kate Eschbach Photography -1a

Her mind is free from the burden of too much of this world. Jesus is her strong anchor and I pray that it stays that way always.


Mary Thompson - My petulia is full of grace and light and love.

Angel The Alien - Its nice to hear about sweet, good-hearted kids!

amy jupin - i pray that one day i can meet your julia. she seems like such a lovely girl and i just know she has your giving, kind spirit!