Magic at Play {Giveaway}


Disclosure: This is sponsored post for Disney and Kohls.  All opinions are my own.


A few weeks ago, I was invited to take my family to Disneyland with Disney Social Media Moms (#DisneySMMoms). I read and reread my email in absolute shock. I am so thankful for this opportunity!

I am still pinching myself that we leave in just a few days.  This next week, you will absolutely see a lot of excitement and giddiness as we prepare for the trip!

Disney apparel by Jumping Beans and Kohl’s have collaborated and created a “Magic at Play” line for kids!  It is so cute! Bright reds and blues and Mickey’s sweet face make the shirts perfect for our trip.

They sent over a $50.00 gift certificate for Riley to shop for his trip to Disneyland! We found a coupon online and were able to purchase three pairs of shorts and two shirts for him.

The clothes are so cute! The clothing line launched on April 3rd, so be sure to head over to Kohls and see which shirt is your favorite!


Image provided by Disney


Image provided by Disney

I was kinda wishing that the t-shirts came in my size, too! He is gonna look adorable when we get over to California!

They also sent a gift card for me to share with you!  I’d love for one of you to win, so be sure and enter below.


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Sonia - I would keep it and buy baby clothes for my son.

Jasmine P - I would use it for myself!

natalie yeoman - i would keep for myself

Ashley Tucker - I’d keep it for myself.

Bert - I would use the gift card to buy my kids new clothes

Thomas Murphy - I would keep this.

Amanda Sakovitz - I would buy my niece a dress!

Colleen Boudreau - I would keep it for myself.

Megan - Just saw this adorable collection at Kohl’s the other day! Have to say we’d be keeping it for ourselves!

christine jessamine - I would love to keep it and use this for my kids!

Laura J - Oh I would love to buy from the Disney line for little Carter! I really love the Going Going Gone boys muscle Tee and matching Mickey Mouse shorts! So cute!

jeannine s - I would keep it for myself and buy clothes for my kids for our cruise

Patricia Wojnar Crowley - I’d use it for a gift!

shannon b - I would keep it and use it for my kids.

D Schmidt - I would use it to purchase clothes for my sons

latanya - use it as a gift

debbie - I have to admit that I would be selfish and keep this for myself!

Sandra - For my family

Susan Christy - I will use this to buy my great nephew a cute new outfit.

Priscilla S. - I would keep it for myself.

Peggy Johnson - I would use itto buy a gift

Shannon - I’d use it on my boys

Jessie C. - I would keep it and use it to get clothes for kids.

Julie S - I’d keep it for myself.. but buy some things for my kids. I’d love to get them some of these items for the 4th of July

Bridget Heiple Reich - I’m sure I would end up using it for my kids! 🙂

Teresa - Keep for myself!

sharon - i would keep it

Jenna M Osborne - I’d buy a gift with it!

Amy Orvin - I’d keep it

Amanda - I think I would use it to go shopping with my mom and we both could get something! thanks for the chance!

Sarah Grace - I would probably keep this as a treat for myself.

Rod Jackson - Definitely keep it for the girls.

tinuviel - ooh! If I were to win, I would use it as a gift to purchase Disney shirts for my 3 youngest nephews for their upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. Thanks for the opportunity, and enjoy your journey!!

Jennifer - I would like to say I’d keep it for myself, yet I know I would use it for my son!

Kelly D - I would keep it and buy Minnie dresses for my daughter.

Tina W - A gift – my grand-niece Madison could use some new summer clothes.

Maria Rodriguez - This mommy needs a few things!!

Kristen - I’d keep this for myself.

Marina - I would use it for the kiddos

Nanette ~ A Mom Blog - My daughter has her eyes on a couple more items so I’d give it to her.

Hayley Z - I would use half on myself and the other half for gifts!

Lisa Brown - i would use it for myself

musingsfromme/jill - Usually I would spend this on my kids, but I actually need new clothes.

Mary Happymommy - I would keep it for myself to buy my daughter clothes.

Alvina Castro - I would use it for my family

Cynthia G - keep it to get my kids stuff

Jessica Beard - I would buy my sons some new things.

Heather Hayes Panjon - I Would Gift This To My Niece And Nephew!

heather baker - I would keep it for myself but use it on my toddler girls.

Elena - I would keep it

Ashley Bree Perez - Well seeing that Mother’s day is coming up I would give the gift card to my mom. (: Even though I would love love love to keep it for myself haha (: What a great giveaway! My email is I would love to win. 🙂

Laurie - So cute and I have the perfect little girl to buy clothes for!

Laura Kathleen - I’d probably get myself some things! Thanks for the giveaway!