Easter Story Egg Hunt – perfect activity for children

Easter Egg Story Hunt

Have you seen this before?! I just had to share it with you.

Yesterday at MOPS they passed this out to all of us.

You simple cut along the dotted lines and hide each piece in different eggs.

Easter Story Hunt

Then, as you open the eggs – you put them in order and read the story.  What a perfect way to incorporate the egg hunt into the true meaning behind Easter!

To print out your own copy, simply click on the links below:

Have a blessed Easter friends,



tinuviel - What a great idea! I forwarded this to my parents and Tricia. Maybe among the lot of us we can remember to search our Gmail for it next Lent when we’re making plans for the little boys’ Easter. Thanks for sharing.

mary thompson - Ok I could almost do an Easter egg hunt.
I do Love it