Julia’s 14th Birthday


{Thank you, Nancy, for coming over and taking pictures! I will cherish these always!}

The first thing you should know is that today is Nate’s birthday. But I haven’t told you about Julia’s birthday, yet, so I felt that I should at least do it in order. (You’re welcome).

On Saturday morning, I took Julia to breakfast for her birthday. She loves a good breakfast, just like her daddy.

We had emailed all the aunts, uncles, and grandparents to ideas for her birthday present.  We pulled together and surprised her with envelopes full of cash – to spend at Junk in the Trunk!  She loves going thrifting. She and I had such a good time and I love seeing what she chooses. She has such a fun style.

As I said grace over breakfast, I teared up with thankfulness. I was fully expecting her to be embarrassed at her weepy mom, but I opened my eyes to see her standing up to give me a hug.  Blessed.

We set off to Junk in the Trunk for a morning with no timeline (the best). We headed in and stopped by a few of my friends booths. They were so sweet to her! Leigh, with Barberry and Lace, gifted her earrings! (she chose a pair just like these). Cole, with The Felt Flower Shop, gifted her a flower! Angie, with The Yellow Bungalow, gifted her a card! She felt like a rock star. (Thank you, friends, it just made her day and made this mamma’s heart swell!)

Let me just say – if you are a mom of a little girl – don’t listen to them. There will be people who tell you how hard it will be. There will be people who will tell you how you will fight. There will be people who tell you to brace for it.

Just take one day at a time.

Cherish those days and those moments.

If you are there and it is hard, I am so sorry.

But make your own story. Lean in and listen close. Keep pouring your heart in. It may not pay off tomorrow, but it will someday.

Happy birthday dearest Julia,


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