Why the carpet is blue { Lego Table DIY }

Lego Table DIY

You know that Brian and I love to go to thrift stores on dates. Last Saturday Goodwill was having a 50% off sale, and we scored this table for $5.00.

Lego Table DIY

I had seen a few pinterest tutorials for a lego table and had this idea floating around in my head. A lot of times, I have a hard time translating what is in my head to reality.

I recruited Julia and Riley to help paint. It was too hot to paint outside, so we set up the front room with everything. {which explains why the carpet is now blue}. Riley sang the entire time. He made up songs about the paintbrushes, the color blue, and Murphy. I love that guy.

Lego Table DIY

I recruited Nate as my junior architect and he decided which pieces he wanted velcroed (is that a word?) to the table.

I used a very technical and precise technique for applying the Velcro. I eyeballed it.

Lego Table DIY

We drew a road with chalk on the table, because clearly the vehicles had to get to and from the airport on the top to the city on the bottom. There was much discussion about where the landing strip should go. We decided it made more sense for them to land on the top, because they’d have more room to take off. I’m telling you – very technical processes.


Best part of this project? Watching the boys play together.

Lego Table DIY

kate.eschbach@gmail.com - Thank you, Jennifer! Yes – if I can do it, anyone can!

Jennifer Clay - This is actually a great idea! I love how easy it was to make this lego table. I love to go thrift shopping so the next time I am out, I will keep an eye out for a table to my son one!

Nicoyle - What a cool idea! My son would enjoy having this for himself.

Shell - What a great project! This might keep some of the LEGO off my floor!

Mary Thompson - So clever. love how it works

Joy - This is a fun project! My girl would play for at least five minutes here!

Meg - Love this idea! I saw a table like this the other day at Goodwill… maybe I can find another one!!

Ashley @ Cute as a Fox - What an awesome find! I love the project and I love that your boys got some bonding time. It’s so special to see siblings play together especially when there is a few years age difference.