Well done, my sweet Julia

When I think about this summer, I am sure I will think of it fondly. More and more, I cannot remember what our home was like before Riley. I continue to watch Nate grow into a confident, kind, young man with a heart for making others feel included and happy.

This summer is a summer with Julia I will never forget. I’ve watched her keep her priorities so very clear – faith, family, reading, and music. I’ve watched her change little habits over the summer, growing into a gracious young lady. She is no longer the little girl I fuss at to put laundry away. She is now the young lady who pours her effort into this family.

Teen and Tween Style

Last weekend, I had the privilege of chaperoning a retreat she attended.

Do you remember the story of Hannah and Samuel? Knowing that Julia is a miracle, knowing that I scientifically was not able to bear children but carried two until term, makes me very aware of thankfulness.

I know that we are approaching the time when I will let Julia go into the world and find her own way. I will hide these moments in my heart, because I will miss her so much.

Teen and Tween Style 1

She has always loved music. We loved singing in the car. It makes road trips go so much more quickly. My friend, Antonio, who I have recorded with before, is leaving. He asked to record one more time before he leaves and invited me to bring Julia with me.

Antonio has been such blessing in my life. When I decided to leave the corporate world, I mentioned in passing that I had a dream of recording. At the time, he was a youth in our praise choir. He asked to come over and have me sing backup for him. The rest is history. Antonio, thank you for helping me realize a dream. I am forever grateful.

This weekend, when Julia came with me, I tried to prep her for what it is like to record. I coached her and tried to prepare her. And then… on the first time she ever recorded, on the first take – this happened.

I’m just the backup… as it should be.

Have a great week!


Sara @ saramayphotography.com - You had a beautiful and lovely daughter. Nice-looking shot!

tinuviel - Beautiful! I hear echoes of your voice in hers. What a cool opportunity for you both. Loved hearing it. Thanks for sharing.

Megan - Oh my goodness, she is absolutely fantastic! Seriously professional. And I’m a singer and hard to impress…just saying! You are both so beautiful!!

kate.eschbach@gmail.com - Thank you, Natalie! We miss you!

kate.eschbach@gmail.com - Sarah, thank you for commenting! It is so nice to meet you! That is so wonderful that you are close to your mom! It is a treasure.

Sarah Riche - I have been following your blog for some time but haven’t commented before – this post just touched me with its beauty. How lovely to be able to celebrate your beautiful daughter and your relationship with her! I’m blessed to be very close to my mother too. I love your blog and especially the adoption updates about sweet Riley!

Natalie - Beyond amazing! Go you! Amazing voice Julia and Katie!

Debra - This is simply a beautiful post!

Southern Gal - Wow. Can I take you two along on our next road trip to sing for us? I love that you have this beautiful memory recorded. It’s a treasure. Thanks for sharing it!

Betty - Wow!!! That is amazing. You guys sound so pretty together. I say this through tears. I can’t take it. I’m so happy for Julia. Bravo!

stephanie - How amazing! To have a moment like that with your daughter is so priceless..and she has a gorgeous voice.

Jenna Lou - What a joy she must be to you and your family. Good job mama! You two singing together had me in tears… just beautiful.