Live Recording – Dove’s Eyes

Kate Eschbach Photography-16

This was recorded live at Mass a few weeks ago. When I sing it, I think about the room being empty – and really, really singing just to Him. And then, I let the room slowly fill back up – and I hope that people realize that we are on Holy Ground.

mary thompson - Leila praying is just talking to God. Some times I say a lot sometimes almost nothing. But more than anything, I know God rejoices in your musical prayers to Him.

Megan - Really pretty! Also it look me an embarrassingly long time before I realized that it was not, in fact, a video… - Dear Leila, your comment has me in tears. I completely relate. There is a quote by St. Augustine : “He who sings prays twice”. I love that quote. I figure it makes up for all the other times I don’t know what to say.

Leila - That was beautiful. I don’t tell many people, but; I don’t know how to pray. My way to connect to my Higher Power is through singing. When I sing, I feel like I am closer to my Higher Power and to me, music is praying. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and talent.