Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet {Giveaway and a coupon}

Disclosure: I received a Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet to facilitate my review.

Key Ingredient

You guys! I can’t believe that I get to give one of these to you!! I love that I get to continue this season of giving! And as always – this is something that I absolutely love!

I am a recipe follower. I need pictures, step by step directions, and all the help I can get in the kitchen. Many times, I go to use the iPad and the kids are using it for homework. I end up using our desktop computer and walk back and forth from room to room.

I had pretty high hopes for the Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet and so far I love it!

There are tons of recipes to search! I’m having fun just looking through all the delicious ideas.

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From Key Ingredient:

The kitchen-safe Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet is the first fully functional Android tablet made specifically for the kitchen. Preloaded with hundreds of recipes, when connected to Wi-Fi, the tablet gives you access to more than two million recipes—the largest user generated source of online recipes in North America. You are also able to add your own recipes from your family archives, your favorite cookbook or your latest online discovery. This tablet means you’ll never need to borrow a hand in the kitchen again.

  • It features text-to-speech technology, the tablet actually reads recipes out loud as you cook along. Now you can prepare entire meals without stopping to find your place or turn a page.
  • The standing case allows for easy counter-viewing. No more awkward bending or craning your neck in the kitchen! Lay it down or stand it up – the screen rotates automatically.
  • Don’t worry about counter spills and sink splashes with your Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet. The heat resistant silicon case easily wipes clean and adds a layer of protection for bumps and falls.
  • The Key Ingredient Tablet uses an Android operating system and is Wi-Fi enabled. Use your tablet to play music and video, run games and apps, or browse the web (for more recipes!).

I love that you can just wipe it clean! Last night, I accidentally splattered spaghetti sauce all over it and it wiped right off.

So, I wasn’t kidding – they’d love to give one of you one! Simply enter below.

And don’t worry – if you don’t win, you can use coupon code kate65 for $65.00 off!

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Marilyn Nawara - I would keep it for myself — I’m not a great cook so this would might help me.

Nichol Tone - I would use this to store all my hand me down recipes and new ones I can hand down

wen budro - I would give this to my sister….she’s an awesome cook.

Tabitha - this would be from the Easter bunny to me!
i want it so badly!

Amanda B. - I’d keep it for myself.

Juliana Rezaiezadeh - I would give this to my mom. I think she’d love it!

Maggie Currier - I would probably use this myself!

Joanne S - Keep it!!! I would love it

Jodi Kershuk - I would keep this for myself. I need all the help I can get it the kitchen.

angela lazo - I would keep it for myself,I love baking and this would perfect

Marnie Ward - I would give the Recipe Tablet to my husband who loves to cook.
He currently has over 300 cookbooks the he refers to for recipes. If he had the tablet he wouldn’t need the cookbooks and that would free up so much cupboard.

Stephanie - I think this would be a gift to share with the whole family, It seems like an amazing product. I would love to see what it has to offer! Great idea.

Lee McKeon - I would keep it for myself and shared with my husband and daughter we all love to cook!

DeAnna Keller - I would probablykeep this for myself!

Missy - I’d give this to my Mother.

Sara Filler - I would keep this for me

Dana Matthews - Keep it for myself!

lissa crane - I would be very tempted to keep it, but I just know my sister would love to have this! I was unable to give her a Christmas gift this year or last year, so it would be a great feeling to be able to “gift” this to her. She would flip!

Anna Magee - I would keep it for myself, I know selfish!

Nancy Loring - I would keep this for myself. I am always looking for recipes and this would be a big help. I like getting a few recipes of the same thing and then blending and tweaking them all so that I come up with my own version.

Kimberly - Keep it for myself ❤️

Wehaf - I would probably keep this for myself.

Allyson Tice - I would keep this for myself! i love to bake!

Kelley H - I would keep for myself

Wayne - Honestly i would keep it

Paul Strosnider - I would keep this for myself.. I could use a tablet for work and play like no other!

Nichole - I think I would have to keep this one for myself. Thank you!

Megan C - Im the cook in the family so I think all would agree I should keep this to benefit the whole family.

Jenna Wood - I’d definitely be keeping this one for myself!

rissa j - I’d give this to my sister

Charity L. - Hmm, that would be a hard decision:) I would be tempted to keep it for myself but my sister loves baking and such so I might give it to her. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

Nina H - I’d keep this for our kitchen!

Danielle Priser - I’d keep this one for myself and my daughter to use- but give it to her when she moves out on her own!

jodi - I would totally keep it for myself!

sherri crawford - keep it i think

Austin Baroudi - I’d keep it for myself!

Natasha - I would be selfish and keep it for myself….. of course, if you consider that I would be using it to make food for my family….. then I am not really selfish…right?

Yolanda Scott - I would definitely keep this for myself.

deanna - I would keep this for myself. Does that make me selfish?

Emily - Probably keep it!

Maureen - I love to cook and try new recipes so this would be for me to use. The food that I share with my family would make them happy so it is a win-win.

Ashley Wheeler - I love to cook and i hate having my cookbooks out or papers everywhere while i try to cook. I would keep this for myself if i were lucky enough to win

Dorrie Turner - I would keep this for myself, it would be very beneficial to use in the kitchen.

golden storm - I would keep this for myself

natalie yeoman - i would give this as a gift to my mom

Maria P. - I would share with my sister.

Amy Tebow - I would keep this I cook a lot and could really use it!

Terri Moore - I would keep this for myself and use it all the time. It was my birthday this month so I don’t feel bad about keeping it =]

Rebecca - I would love this for myself!

Audra watts - I would keep this for myself

Kassie - I would give this to my Mom. I think she would really love it!

David - We would keep this for ourselves. We do a lot of baking in our home.

Lila - Keep for myself because my tablet just broke and I desperately need a new one!

jennifer orsburn - I would so keep it

Stacie Magers - I would keep this one for myself. No more dragging cookbooks to the kitchen.

stephanie mcfarland - it would be for me

Jessie Frasier - My grandmother!

shaley nagle - Hmm that’s tough. I might have to keep it for myself! 😉

MaryAnn - I would give this to my sister

Birdiebee - I would use this as I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and cooking for other people.

josephine - I would definitely keep this for myself! This would be a game changer and would make my life sooo much easier!

Katrina - This would be for my husband. He loves to cook new recipes and this would be perfect for him! What an awesome idea.
Mrsbrockavich48 (at)gmail (dot)com

Vicki Howes - I love the fact I can cook and not worry if something spills. Definitely something I will keep if I win – thanks for such a great giveaway.

Asha Butterflys - This would be for me.

Shelly - I would definitely keep this for myself! I am always using my phone to find recipes while in the kitchen.

curtis - I would love to have this for me itd help a lot in the kitchen

kristine - I need all the help I can get in the kitchen! I’d keep it for me 🙂

Cindy Campbell - Wow! McKenzie would really love this for Christmas.

Ashley @ Cute as a Fox - This would be all for me! I am always running back and forth between my computer and the stove top to check the recipe while I’m cooking. This would be awesome!

Kristin Goodson - I would love to give this to my dad. He loves finding new recipes and cooking this for us!