Brian and Kate – singing and stuff

Brian and Katie

My college sweetheart. My best friend.

In high school, we sang together. Every girl was in love with him because of his voice. As a bonus, he is the kindest, most loyal person you have ever met.

This past fall, we sang together for a fundraiser for the choir. The kids will be traveling to Rome for the New Year’s Day celebration at the Vatican. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them and I cannot believe they are getting to go. (More on that trip later).

Brian agreed to sing. He hasn’t sung in public very much since high school, so I was thrilled when he said yes. We practiced anytime we were in the car together. It was really nice to sing with him again.

I hesitated to post the video because… of being self conscious of how I look, of being self conscious of the video quality, of feeling not quite good enough.

And then I remembered. This is a legacy blog. I want to leave something beautiful for my children to read one day. I want to share with our extended family the awesome everyday that this crazy family is. So, here we are. And I’m sure there is nothing more beautiful than their daddy singing.

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