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One week ago, I wrote the following on Facebook:

Julia asked us to pray together as a family every night – not just at dinner, not just at bedtime. At first, I felt annoyed. I felt like she was implying that I needed to be holier. (She wasn’t. She just truly wanted to talk to her best friend as a family). (I like to make things all about me). Now, months later, I treasure this quiet time we spend together as a family. I treasure coming together to ask God for our hearts to be more like His. ‪#‎myjuliatirion‬

It’s so humbling to be challenged by your children.

I expected to be challenged on my patience and unconditional love – but on my time spent with Jesus? Really? Wow.

Our short time here on this earth is so fascinating. I am constantly reminded that the misfits and wanderers are usually the ones who have seen glimpses of His heart. Perhaps I need to remind myself more frequently that this is not my home. My comfort or feelings of belonging should be a red flag to me.

When I stop looking over my shoulder at the picture perfect homes or outfits or dinners or vacations, and I start listening to the One who asks me to Be Still, I realize that my craving to be known is only filled by Him. I’m reminded that my feeling of not belonging only helps me to search for my true home.

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He sees me and He sees what my hurts are today. He remembers me always and wants to hold me.

So Julia, thank you. Thank you for drawing me closer to Him. Your light shines so bright.

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