My Nathaniel Kenan

Kate Eschbach Photography-11a

You have this love of history that is absolutely incredible. You remember tanks and planes and battles and dates. It is just like your father.

You’ve always had this love of Ireland. Now that you have an Irish uncle, there is no stopping you. You listen to the music, you read about the saints, and you learn about the country. I love that about you.

I love the twinkle in your eye and they way you have always been a friend to everyone.

When you were two, you waved a lady over while we were in the grocery store. You just wanted to say hello. I asked you if you knew her, and you said, “no, but I think you should.” You are my larger than life, joyous, passionate, wonderfully talkative, peacemaker.

When you would tell me that you really, really liked something, you would say, “mom, it’s like one hundred and sixty.” It’s never just 100% with you. It’s big.

I know that God has big plans for you. I know that people need your enthusiasm and your joy. Take that energy, dear one, and never settle.

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