Star Wars: The Force Awakens – A fan-girl mom’s take with NO SPOILERS

From a little girl who wanted to live with the Ewoks in the forest on Endor, to a mom with four kids, I promise you a review with no spoilers. I want you to have the chance to feel the same magic that I did, sitting in the movie theater yesterday.


When my brother and I were growing up, we had a laserdisc player. We had three movies – Oklahoma, Sound of Music, and Star Wars. We loved watching that movie. I loved everything about the battle between good and evil. I can remember my parents taking us to pick out the next two Star Wars movies. They bought us the box set so that my brother could have the posters for his room. We were fans.

Sitting in the theater yesterday, you could have told me I was dreaming and I would have believed you. How on earth did this amazing little blog allow me to be sitting in a press screening of one of my childhood memories.


So how am I going to do a review with no spoilers? Because, I believe in the sweet, simple idea of being truly surprised. I believe in taking time for yourself and enjoying a quiet afternoon where a movie takes you to galaxies far, far away.

Did I love the movie? Yes. Oh my goodness – yes, yes, yes.

Will I go see it again in the theater? I hope so!

What was my favorite part? (no spoilers, remember?!) The new characters are awesome. The casting was perfect.

The movie felt like the original movie to me – the colors, the cinematography, the characters. Does that make sense?

The Force Awakens

Will I take the kids?

Julia (15) – Yes.

Nate (12) – Absolutely.

(Brian and the big kids have tickets for this weekend)

Riley (4) – No. We will watch it at home on DVD.

What did I think from a mom’s perspective?

If your little ones have seen the other movies and have done just fine, I think they will do just fine.  There were a few swear words – “damn it” and “hell”, in case your family is sensitive to these.

Feel free to ask questions if you need more information – I’ll email the response if it includes any spoilers.

The official trailer:

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STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS arrives in theaters everywhere on December 18th!


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