Goats and Motherhood

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If you follow @thesimplefarm on Instagram, you know that it is the time of year for little goat babies.

I spent some time with the adorable tiny things. They were so precious. And fast. Did you know they are crazy fast? I guarantee you that it is impossible not to laugh if you spend more than three minutes with them.

Kate Eschbach Photography-0466

Before I got out of the car, I gave myself a little pep talk. I knew there would be poo. They are goats. But I really wanted these pictures. If I was going in, I was going to go all in.

Kate Eschbach Photography-0487

At first, I just smiled as they came up to me. They were precious. I patted them on their heads and took a few pictures.

Kate Eschbach Photography-0473Kate Eschbach Photography-0505

I squatted down and tried to steady my balance. They were so sweet. They kept looking over at me. I looked at the poo. I looked at my jeans and realized how absolutely ridiculous I was being, and I sat. I sat down in the dirt and the poo and the hay and the sunshine.

3.7 seconds later, I had already forgotten about the poo, because joy was happening all around me.

Kate Eschbach Photography-0520Kate Eschbach Photography-0526Kate Eschbach Photography-0595

On this Mother’s Day, I hope that you have more joy than poo. I hope that you remember to sit down in the middle of it and listen to the laughter.

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