Miracles and Double Rainbows

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This is it.

The post where long haired freaky people get it.

The post where you realize I really am a Jesus Freak.  I cannot go one more day without singing His praises and telling you the whole story.

(Below is my Facebook conversation with priest Father Louis from Haiti. I have been given his permission to share this.)


Conversation with Father Louis


2014. You guys. That was a long time ago.

In motherhood years, that is like 700 school lunches ago.


Conversation with Father Louis - 1


I reached out again in 2015, just wanting to share the good news with him. But he is a priest in Haiti and a nationally recognized speaker, so you know… he probably doesn’t have a lot of time for facebook. Especially messages in the ‘other’ folder.

But two years later, just a few weeks ago, on the night of adoration at Stuebenville West 2016 in Tuscon…


Conversation with Father Louis - 2


And then, I get to tell him…


Conversation with Father Louis - 3


So here is the deal.

Two years ago, dear Father Louis had a word of knowledge that “someone is struggling with fertility and God is going to untie the knots.”

Now, at this point, you can think I am certifiably insane, but this was in front of over 2,000 witnesses. The youth ministers at my church have stood by my family through the miscarriages and Riley’s adoption. They knew me when the doctor told us it was impossible. Other friends at the church sent flowers and brought over dinner when we lost the twins. They’ve witnessed our journey and held us through it.

Then, they witnessed a beautiful time of prayer and special words from Father Louis.

Then, they witnessed Mary Alice.

And when I think about it, Father Louis didn’t say “God is going to untie the knots and then quickly tie them again.” They are untied! Why am I surprised that we are expecting again?


I pray with all my heart that I will always say “yes”, just as Mary did.

So here I am, saying “yes” to sharing the miracle with you. To give Him the glory and to proclaim His goodness to everyone.

Laura - Kate I love your story as someone who struggled with infertility I love that you understand it, and I also love that you understand the workings of a loving Heavenly Father are always miracles. So happy for you!!

Megan Tenney - What a beautiful story. I’m so glad he finally found those messages! Kate you are such a beautiful person, and I’m thrilled that you get to experience more miracles on this side of Heaven, before you get to hold all of the other miracles that are waiting for you on the other side. And if you are interested, I have a whole bunch of maternity clothes I can pass on, because I’m pretty sure THESE proverbial knots are about to be “tied!” 😉 😉

Mary Thompson - Blessed is she who believes. I keep that scripture in front of me everyday.

Southern Gal - As one who struggled with infertility it does my heart good to hear your story again with the added miracle! 😉