Julia – By His Grace (her first album!)

My sweet Julia has recorded her first album. We have a dear friend at church, Antonio, who is incredible at producing. Each summer, he loves to take on a side project and he asked if Julia would be interested. We were absolutely thrilled! Just knowing that I’ll have her voice in a place where I can listen to it over and over is so special to me.

When he sent us the CD cover design, it set in that this was really happening!


Since she was little, she has sung in the car. She and Nate would make up harmonies and sing their hearts out. Last year, she traveled with our church choir to sing on New Year’s  day for Pope Francis.  She co-founded a music club at her school. I always knew she had a good ear, but to hear just her voice anytime is a dream.

(Hey it isn’t every day you get to brag on your kiddo!)

Antonio, our friend, created a set list based on what he really thought would show off her beautiful voice! She is a an alto, but can easily sing mezzo soprano with beauty and ease.

I sat in on her recording sessions and pretended to work on my laptop while humming and grinning. Ever so often, Antonio would ask if I wanted to record the harmony. I calmly knocked over his entire set up to run agreed and took my place behind the mic.

I made a playlist for you of the first takes of her songs:

Julia, I’m so proud of you. May you always use your gifts to encourage and bless others, giving glory to God!


tinuviel - What an amazing heirloom for your family to cherish! Thanks for sharing the first takes playlist. She sounds very like you (especially at that age), and yet not at the same time. You two blend beautifully. Kaye Wright used to tell my sister and me that no other singers can blend like siblings, but even she would have to admit this is close. I hope you sing together at church, not just with your age-group choirs.

Southern Gal - That’s awesome!

Mary Thompson - This is so special. So many memories of her singing her little heart out in the car as long as you pretended not to hear. I always wanted to carry those moments around with me for always. Now I can