What to include in the perfect care package {giveaway}

Disclosure: I received the products from the Love, Hallmark “Fabulous Friends” collection to facilitate my review. It is my honor to share news with you from a company that I enjoy and support! #LoveHallmark


In  college, my mom and my best friend’s mom sent the best care packages. Whenever we would visit the post office in the MSC at Texas A&M, we would be giddy when there was a box waiting for us. We couldn’t wait to get back to our dorm room to rip it open!

They were full of cookies, letters, and silly things to make us smile.

My father used to write me letters – handwritten and full of sweet advice. He’d staple a $5 bill to the top left corner and it always made me smile! It meant that I could go to Freebirds with my friends and order the best burrito in town. Just thinking about that brings a huge smile to my face! (Thanks, daddy).

These little packages always made my day, and almost twenty years later I can still remember how I felt when I opened them.

My best friend is now spending time in the DRC (Africa) with her family as her husband works for our governments fighting to end poverty and provide humanitarian assistance.


We’ve been friends since the summer after 7th grade. I love her to pieces and I miss having her stateside. I wanted to send her a little box of surprises to make her smile.

The perfect care package should have:

  • Something that shows them that this package is just for them! Sports, hobbies, favorite foods  are a few ideas
  • Something to make them laugh – a toy, a card, anything!
  • Is there a holiday coming up? Celebrate it and let them know you are thinking of them as they are away.

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend or how many things are in the package. It is just about letting them know how much you miss them.


Hallmark sent me a wonderful collection from Crafter & Co. of perfect items to go into a care package!

The frame that says “Keep your friends close and your wine closer” is so perfect! I’m hoping to get a good laugh from her on that one! The journal says “Never Quit. Unless you hate it.” I love that!

If you look carefully at the picture above you can see some of her favorite cookies!

Her birthday is next month, and the pineapple card will be perfect!


I’m also sending something for her little girl. When they open the box, this pillow will jump out at them, making everyone’s day!

So there you have it, something to make her laugh, a favorite something to make sure she knows this is just for her, and something to celebrate an upcoming holiday!

Hallmark wants to send one of you a gift set, too! Enter the giveaway below.
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Did I miss anything?! What do you like to include in a care package?

Leela - I’d love to.. I had baby #8 a few months ago and could use a little care myself 🙂

Katie Rae - My mom 🙂 <3

Erica - My mom really needs a care package right now!

jeani b - i think my sister could use a care package. her kids have transitioned into school and she’s busy with her career and things have been crazy. she could use a minute to relax.

Diane - My mother in law could use one right now.

Michelle C - My mom could use a care package.

stephanie o'day - My sister could definitely use a care package!!

Lissa Crane - My sister could really use a care package! She been going through some rough times with her health and this would be a real pick me up!

Ronda - My oldest daughter could really use this.

Raina DelRio - My sister could use a care package. Her husband is deployed and she just had to put down their beloved daschund. She is trying to stay strong for the kiddos, but you can tell the long deployment is wearing her down.

holly lawson - My BFF could use a care package. She is having a rough time lately and could use a pick me up!

Michelle Parker - My cousin an my sister could use a pick me up care package. Thanks for the giveaway.

Beth Clark - My sister could use one. It’s been a rough year we lost our mom

Cheryl B. - My sister could use a pick me up and this care package would be awesome.

Brandy Williams - I would send to a dear friend who is fighting stage4 breast cancer. She deserves a pick me up.

stephanie macdonald - My mom needs a care package since shes recovering

Amy S - We have an elderly neighbor that has been ill for a bit and I am sure she would love this. Thanks.

Diana Hatch - This would be great for my mom

Jenna - My sweet mom could use a care package!

Julie R - My best friend needs a care package!

Kelley Roach - would send my sister a care package.

Claire - sister

Gabrielly - I would send my friend a care package.

jeremy mclaughlin - My mom could a care package.

Robyn L - My mother could use a care package. She has been ill and a care package would cheer her up.

Jessica To - I would send my sister a care package.

LaTanya - my brother

Julie Waldron - My daughter could use a care package.

Terra Heck - My sister could use one. She’s been going through a lot and it would cheer her up. Thanks.

rhonda - A thoughtful friend who is always doing for others could use a care package.

Meaghan - My best friend could use a care package. She is pregnant, has a 1 year old, and is cleaning up from some minor damage from hurricane matthew.

David S - My wife would love a care package.

Kathryn Hyatt - My mom could use a care package!

Alina Hahn - So many people come to mind but definitely my neighbors – couldn’t ask for better neighbors!

Lissa - My mom she’s battling breast cancer, she’s on round 2 of chemo.

Lauren Becker - My brother could really use a care package – he’s having some medical issues!

Gail Fernandez - My friend Kathy needs a care package. She has a lot of stress dealing with different family members – different generations.

Nancy Christopher - My mom could definitely use a care package.

Michelle - I would love to send one to my mom to thank her for the ones she sent me.

Lana simanovicki - My husband

Noreen - My sister could use a boost

Renee Sapone - I would send a package to my grandma – she just had to move across the country to be closer to family after some health issues. I wish I could be closer, but I know she would love this.

Sandy H - My mom could use a care package.

Tabathia B - I think my mother deserves a care package

Kristin McCall - My mom needs a care package since she misses me so much. I just got married and moved away.

Lauryn R - I would love to send a care package to my best friend in Florida! 🙂

Lauren - My mom needs a care package.

Tamra H - Definitely my mom, she deserves it!

Chrissy - I think my good friend needs a care package. She has four boys under 6 and one of them is teething and hardly sleeping so this would make her day!

Sarah Hall - My friend Susan could use a care package as she has lost three family members this year and needs some cheering up.

Kelsi - My aunt needs one.

Heather Hayes Panjon - My Sister Could Use A Care Package!

Trisha Burgess - My mom could use a care package!

Katrina Angele - My Auntie needs one. She just had surgery for her breast cancer.

Dana Matthews - My sweet mama needs a package!

Aqdas Ahmed - I would send this to my mom!

Holly M - My best friend. She just lost her dad.

Billie Rowell - I do! As well as my sister. Thanks for the chance to win.

gary - My daughter would love a care package

Kathy Hanley - My Mom is 91 and can always use a pick me up!

Samantha Plotkin - My sister-in-law could use one!

Darlene Wright - My Mom needs one, thanks!


Missy - My sister needs a car package.

Fiona N - My mom and sisters need a care package 🙂
Thank You for the chance

megan tilley - my mom needs a care package she is battling some health issues!

Tammy Catterton - My neighbor need a care package right now she been thru alot from a fire near her place that cause smoke & water damage to her place too her place being broke into three times since the fire. She deserve some cheering up

Emma - My sister is starting her final year of college – I’d love to send her a care package!

miranda - My mom could use one

Christine H - I would use it in bits and pieces to help the people around me.

Elena - My mom could use one

Corey Olomon - My daughter needs this.

DeAnna Keller - I would send a care package to my sister She’s going through a divorce and is super stressed out.

wen budro - My niece needs a care package. She works hard and deserves something nice.

Rebecca - My sister is in Africa. I’m sure she’d love a care package.

Pamela - My mother, she’s struggling with a difficult move and some health issues.

Jenny Scheldberg - My good friend is a business owner and been working many long hours away from her family. She needs a pick me up.

Kirby - My dear friends who live far away now, but are struggling with infertility.

Ryan S - We all do. I’d share this with my whole family.

Tyler Reavis - My mom could use a care package. She’s a pastor’s wife, and a mom to 9. She’s pretty much superwoman. 🙂 But she’s normally too busy caring for others to take time out to care for herself.

jeannie - My sister

Malka - I would send a care package to my brother, who is away at school.

Darlene Owen - This would be great for my granddaughter.

Dee - My best friend could use a care package — she’s been feeling out of the weather and recently moved a bit far from home.

kelly mcgrew - my sister could use one- she’s a new mom and back to work!

Ashley turicik - My sister could use a care package

laura ari - My mom could use a care package

Jill Rivera - My son need a care package. He has a new baby in his life.

deanna - My mother could use a package. She has had a lot happen the last year, but she keeps a positive attitude and helps other people over herself.

Ashley B. - Me! Haha, I need one!

allyson tice - my sister!! she works so hard taking care of my children during the day while i work! she never complains and always calls on the weekedn to see how they are! she is the best auntie ever and hardest working lady i know!

Laura - My sweet friend who is going through an unwanted divorce

Heather D - My mother is having a tough time and could use one.

Kristie - My best friend could use a care package please! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

jaimeb - I would love to send my sister in law a care package. She was my best friend in high school, and she and my brother just found out they are pregnant. She would love it.

meredith - My mom needs a care package – shes recovering from recent illness

Amanda Patterson - My mom really deserves a care package! She is amazing and would really love this!

MaryAnn - I would send a care package to my sister. She recently moved away after college.

Audra - My sister in law needs a care package

Kelly - My BIL just started college this year. My Father-in-Law used to send my husband care package in college and we looked forward to them every month.

Stephanie Grant - My little sister who just moved away from home and started college this year sure could use a care package :).

Wehaf - My boyfriend needs a care package!

Karen Heffren - My brother and sister-in-law, they moved to Houston for a year while he finishes school and are home sick!

Becca - I’d send my dear friend a care package! She just moved and needs a smile 🙂

Laurie Farkas - What a cute idea and post. I need to send my daughter a care package at college and never know how to get started!

Christine Sterling - I have 2 nieces in college that this would be great for!!

Diana - I would love to send my goddaughter a care package! She lives in Texas and is 6 years old 🙂

Vanessa Coppola - I’d send my cousin a care package!