No More Crib

She is keeping me on my toes. Miss Mary Alice decided the week Sebastian  came home would be the perfect week to learn how to launch herself out of the crib.

She scared mom and I half to death, but she is totally fine. She had a little bruise on her cheek for a few days, but all is well. She now has a big girl bed and a safety door knob so that she can’t wander the house in the middle of the night. Oh this girl. She is keeping her guardian angel very busy. I’ve never had a climber before – but wow! I think we may have a gymnast on our hands.

My friend Ashley, over at Under the Sycamore, is so good about reminding me to capture the everyday. I’m so very glad I took these picture a while ago. I’m glad I have a few of her in the crib. It was one afternoon that she had slept until it was time to go pick up the big kids at school. I snuck in and pulled back the window shade to let in as much light as possible. Then, I just snapped a few pictures.

After she woke up, she wanted a picture on the big bed. I should have known then that this was coming!


The days go by so quickly sometimes that I forget to really savor those fleeting moments. I’m so thankful for friends that remind me to capture those sweet in between moments!

Take a few pictures today! Grab your phone, your camera… whatever you have and take pictures of those little toes!

Mary Thompson - This is Curious George done bigger and better by our little dynamo. She is funny, charming, self sufficient and cheerful. she is the princess of quite a lot. She effortlessly
Wraps us up in her happy nature and carries us on the adventure of a lifetime.
Her mom was the same way. So she comes by it naturally. Happy days. And sweet times everyone.

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