Mary Alice, my buddy

Every child is so different.

I was talking with a friend today about how it still surprises me that their personalities are different than ours. She laughed and talked about how you have your first child and you think the others are going to be like them. Then, you have a second and the second child must just be the opposite of the first one, so any other children are certainly going to fall somewhere in the spectrum between the two.

But then a confusing and delightful surprise happens when a new personality is completely revealed.

Mary Alice certainly has hints of Julia and Nate and Riley. Her smile lights up a room, just like Julia’s. She loves to make other people laugh and feel included, just like Nate. She loves animals and babies, just like Riley. But then she is her own wonderful unique creation.

She loves to dance in front of strangers and sing loudly and say hello to everyone she meets. She is rarely shy. She is fearless. She really is wonderful company for me.

I have such a great time spending the day with her. She keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh all morning long. As all of her older siblings started their school year, it was a big adjustment for her. She would ask me about 20 times a day where they were and what time they were coming home. It is so sweet to see how attached she is to them and how much of her world is just wondering how they are and what they’re doing.

Oh sweet Mary Alice, I love spending my day with you.

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