“Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on what we are waiting for.” ~ Charles Stanley

Every day, after her nap, Mary Alice climbs on the stairs and just watches the front door, knowing that the big kids should be home from school soon.

She is perfectly content waiting.

She grabs her spotty dog and snuggles him tightly.

She usually asks me to sit with her. She points to the step and says, “down?”  How can I refuse that?!  When she hears the outside gate open, she starts smiling. She holds her breath while she waits for the door to open.

And then, they are home. And all’s right with the world.

Waiting is one of my absolute least favorite things to do. I’m pretty terrible at sitting still. My mind races with 1,000 other things I should be doing. But she is teaching me to be content with waiting… to enjoy the anticipation and excitement of watching a loved one walk through the door.

Goodness gracious I love her.

What if I became more willing to wait on people, instead of on things?

What if I was more willing to wait for the right time to say something, instead of wasting my patience on my favorite drive thru?

What if I was willing to wait for His timing, instead of rushing into things when I think they should happen?


Sherry - Thanks, Kate.

Mary Thompson - I love these lessons. How precious no wonder he said suffer the little ones to come to me.


Do you choose a word of the year? Since 2008, I’ve chosen a word to reflect on throughout the year. Usually the word is one that I don’t necessarily “want”. I’ll pray and ask what word He’d like me to think about, and a word will keep showing up in front of me. I let Him know that I’d rather have a “pretty” word, like flourish. But usually, I keep tripping over the word until I agree.

You would think I’d learn by now!

Trust was also my word in 2010. Apparently I need a redo on this word.

When I think about it, this year will be a year full of trust:

  • My oldest child driving
  • Having a little boy in March
  • Having another c-section

In 2010, I wrote:

Trusting God to know that His plan is better than we could ever imagine.  His plan is for you to succeed and prosper – not as the world measures success and prosperity, but as He measures.

Trusting God that He will carry you through everything… He will continue to give me the strength to be available for His purpose.  He will give me the gentleness and humility to be overshadowed – by my children, by my family, by Him – not to constantly seek praise…


Those words are all still so true.

I love this tradition to pick out a word (or have a word choose you!)

Calm {2016}

Background {2015}

Shine {2014)

Grace {2013}

Calm {2012}

Grace {2011}

Trust {2010}

Overshadowed {2009}

Available {2008}

Have you chosen a word this year? I’d love to hear what it is!

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Here I am…

Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

I walked to the front of the church this morning to take up the gifts to the altar during Mass. I felt pride swell inside me as I walked with my husband, my oldest son as altar server, my three other beautiful children, and a belly huge and growing a new life. I looked down as Riley carried the Eucharist and beamed with pride at how careful he was being.

I thought about how scared I’ve been about having five children and how God has taken me through to the other side of that fear to beauty. The choir was singing “Here I am”, and I thought, “Yes, I’ve given Him everything.”  I stood up a little straighter from my self-admiration.

Nate returned to the altar, Julia and Riley returned to their pew, and Brian and I walked back to the cry room with Mary Alice. As I sat down in my chair, I felt a gentle nudge inside.

“I’m so glad you’ve trusted me in having more children. But, have you filled out the paperwork to visit friends in prison? Are the bags of compassion still sitting in your pantry waiting to be finished? Did you fuss at your children again after they didn’t do something quite to your standards? We still have a lot of work to do.”

I felt a little dizzy. I’ve given Him all of me in certain areas. I’ve given Him everything in a few places. But I’m holding tightly to my comfort zone everywhere else.

I feel like the closer I get to my Savior, the more I realize how much work there is to do.

Deuteronomy 31:8  “The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

Mary Thompson - Jesus draws us near and His mirror is clearer than mine.

WORD OF THE YEAR {2016} Wrapup

Before I move on and share my 2017 word, I just had to share with you a few of the ways choosing this word changed me in 2016.

Early in the year, the book The Temperament God Gave your Kids was recommended to me. You would think I would know this after sixteen years of parenting, but not all kids respond the same way to the same discipline. It’s humbling to learn that they didn’t read the same parenting book you did, and they might not know that you are doing  this parenting thing “right”. (insert sarcastic laugh here.)

I’ve been working hard to learn how to discipline the different hearts in our home and as I was reading this book, after a particularly trying day, I read that I needed to stay calm with this particular child. I threw the book across the room, I was so startled. How did they know that my word of the year was calm? And how on earth did they know that my kids can push my buttons to a point where I’m no longer calm?

That was my first reminder that God chosen that word just for me.

Staying calm when we found out we were expecting again was another huge moment for me! Of course God healed me and didn’t promptly un-heal me. Why was I shocked that we were expecting a second miracle?


Staying calm as Mary Alice decided to show me what a climber is really like. I thought Julia was a climber. Nope. I never found her on top of a bunk bed after scaling the gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Staying calm as I taught my oldest to drive.


I can’t wait to share with you what my 2017 word is, but I just had to write down how God used this word in my life before I forgot!

Mary Thompson - Thank goodness for calm.