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Sebastian Six Months Old

Dearest Sebastian, You are so incredibly sweet. This post is so very late. In fact, you are technically already sevenView full post »

FROM RECOLLECTIONS OF 1957 | Flying Backwards

{April 2016, Riley, Dad, and Mary Alice} Ever so often, my dad sits down and shares a story from his childhood. With hisView full post »

Printable: Let All that you do be done in love

Laundry, dishes, noses, car seats, kitchen table… These are all things I clean (or try to clean) every day. ItView full post »

When you give a cowboy a pickup

When you give a cowboy a pickup, he’ll offer to help anyone in need. He’ll say yes to the veterans who needView full post »

Dyslexia, we’re comin’ for you

A few weeks ago, I shared that it had been a pretty rough summer for us. We’ve sought counsel and advice on howView full post »

Summer Roadtrip to Texas

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this yet. If you follow me on Instagram (@SongsKateSang), you knowView full post »

Mary Alice, my buddy

Every child is so different. I was talking with a friend today about how it still surprises me that their personalitiesView full post »

Emily Austin Jewelry and my friend Emily

I have someone else I want to to tell you about!  It’s so fun to brag on my ridiculously talented friends withoutView full post »

An eclipse, in a mom’s world

Once upon a time, an eclipse came by. At the same time, there was a mom in Arizona preparing for her two older childrenView full post »

GraceLaced – Encouragement and Beauty

This season  of my life has been quietly challenging. Under my roof is a five month old, a senior in high school, andView full post »

Sebastian Five Months Old

Hey mom. I’m totally ready for my photo shoot. First, I’m gonna roll over and show off for you, ok? Mom&#View full post »

Loosen that grip

Last Wednesday, we hosted Julia’s senior class at our home. The headmaster gave a presentation about SATs, collegeView full post »


A few days ago, my friend Shannan wrote a beautiful post on Instagram about a weed that was left standing tall afterView full post »

Those dreamy summer nights

This conversation is sponsored by SoCozy and their summer pool essentials! It is my honor to share news with you from aView full post »

My Riley…

When Riley first met my grandmother, my mom introduced him to her as ‘my Riley’. Grandma immediately chimedView full post »

Dear Summer

Dear Summer, You’ve been good to us this year. You’ve brought pool parties and a visit to Texas. You’View full post »