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Julia – By His Grace (her first album!)

My sweet Julia has recorded her first album. We have a dear friend at church, Antonio, who is incredible at producing.View full post »

Brian and Kate – singing and stuff

My college sweetheart. My best friend. In high school, we sang together. Every girl was in love with him because of hisView full post »

Well done, my sweet Julia

When I think about this summer, I am sure I will think of it fondly. More and more, I cannot remember what our home wasView full post »

Dream Chaser | Dove’s Eyes

This is one of my favorite songs. To me, this song is about me humbly sitting at the feet of Christ. I want to lift myView full post »

Dream Chaser | Hallelujah

My friend Antonio and I recorded again on Sunday… Hope you enjoy it! Share Pin Tweet +1 Share Share Pin Tweet +1View full post »

Awake | Realize

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Dream Chaser | Lucky

My friend, Antonio, and I sing on Sunday mornings together. He asked if I would record some harmonies with him –View full post »

Arms of Love {Duet: Antonio Cook and Kate Eschbach}

Antonio, thank you for recording today.  I can’t believe we did this in one take! This is a dream come true forView full post »

Why the name, Songs Kate Sang?

So, you know that I like to sing and you know that I put the word ‘Song’ in my blog name… Have youView full post »

Fill me…

Fill me, O God. Let all that I do be to Your glory. Let all that I say be filled Your gentleness. Let my hands be usedView full post »

Just a little something off the bucket list…

{Photo by Chris Gossen – Kate and Mallary Hope} For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to sing backup forView full post »

New Friends + The Real You or Ode to the Mirror

  Ode to the Mirror: So watchful, So coy Unbolt the door The door to who you really are The door to who youView full post »


Be Kind. Be Bold. Be Patient. Be Loving. Be a giver of second chances. Be Meek. Be Peaceful. Be a tender glance duringView full post »

My Journal…

jour·nal  (jûrnl) n. 1. a. A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis; aView full post »

I spin in circles…

I spin in circles…   Not as a young child twirls Not as a lovely yellow umbrella between the fingers of a lady But asView full post »

There is a sweetness

There is a sweetness A joy that must pour Out of us like an alluring breeze It must be shared It must be shown Or itView full post »