What is your sparkle? | Giveaway

Ocelo had the cutest idea for a giveaway! They want to hear your story. They are calling it a #sparklechain. They gave me a box of sparkles and invited me to share one with you! I love being able to give you something!

Ocelo Sparkle Boxes

Each sparkle box is different. Mine had beautiful Ocelo sponges, a spoon rest from World Market, and a journal. It was so cute! Seriously – this may be the most creative giveaway from a brand that I’ve seen! It isn’t about them – that made it about us! They want to hear our story.

So what is my sparkle today? My sparkle today is looking at little six month old toes and knowing that it goes by so very quickly. I just want to kiss the elbows and fingers and knees and remember every single second. I look at my fifteen year old daughter, who is at least a full inch taller than I am, and can’t believe she was ever this little. It is such a blessing to be put here as their mom. For those hard moments, I hope I always remember these times.

Let’s start this week with something fun!

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Amanda seymour - My sparkle is the look I see in my child’s eyes every time she and I say I love you

Kim Reid - My grandchildren are my sparkle, watching them grow up so fast!

Vera Godley - Love, love your post about your kids being your sparkle. I agree. My 5 grown children amaze me and I miss those tiny toes, sweet baby smell hugs, slobbery kisses. These 5 gave me 13 grandchildren and I also loved their wonder and wonderfulness. God is so good to give us life and let us share in the raising of his wee little ones

The sparkle box sounds super

georgie c. - Knowing little Hazel is growing up to be a fine little sweethart, was concerned for her when she was born.

Stephanie Mago-Eagle - My sparkle is if you fall or stumble dust yourself off,get up and keep going!

Jennifer Wilson - My sparkle is my self confidence!

Randi S - My sparkle is my children!

Allison - I enjoy shoes that sparkle! Thanks so much for the chances to win

Janet W - My family is my sparkle!

Jaime K - My sparkle is life 🙂

Nicole Hanvey - My sparkle is similar to yours. It is that my 6 month old slept 6 hours straight last night. That is the longest I have gotten to sleep in over a year!

sharon - my sparkle is my loving husband!

Sarah Taylor - My sparkle is my family supporting me while I’m struggling with chronic Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Epstein Barr virus. My parents always make sure I’ve eaten and taken care of when it’s hard for me to take care of myself.

Maggie Smith - My kids!

Danielle Priser - My sparkle is seeing all the kids I work with every day at the local High School.

kelly mcgrew - my sparkle is my beautiful, giving family & all I have learned from them.

Kelli bliss - My sparkle is my family!

Lauryn R - My three beautiful children are my sparkle!

Kathy Hanley - I love seeing kids happy! Along with candy, I gave out Halloween pencils to the younger kids. They were so surprised that they just stood there looking at them!

Mayla M - My sparkle is seeing my kids smile!

G - My sparkle today is one of my furkids. She just spent an agonizing seven weeks in and out of emergency hospitals and vets over and over and over as no one could figure out what was wrong with her and causing a bad blood infection, she’s finally starting to improve after another medicine change and I’m thankful she’s still here as there have been many times in the last two months we thought we were going to loose her, thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway I love ocelo sponges.

colleen long - My boo boo!

Claire - relaxing with a good book

Missy Marie - My sparkle is my children, family and my boyfriend.

wen budro - My sparkle is my adopted dog.

Aaron - My beautiful friend Amanda is my sparkle!

Amy - My sparkle is the feeling in me when my children lovingly look at me.

Madeline - My sparkle is my child!

Noelle Cagle - I feel sparkle when my kids are kind to each other and show love to others.

Jeanine - My sparkle is my lovely grand daughter who is about to turn 13.

Alissa R - My husband and baby girl.

janetfaye - My grandchildren are my sparkle!

Crystal Mckinley - My Jesus and my family!

Jenny S - My friends and family light up my life and add sparkle.

Amanda P - My service dog is my sparkle! She takes care of me, knows when I need her help and loves me unconditionally. When she plays and has fun I see her sparkle and I sparkle too!

Kimberly O - My dogs are my sparkle. Thanks.

Sarah S - Today, on this gloomy rainy day, my sparkle is a warm fireplace and a good book!

Kammie - Today, while it is cold, wet, & grey out, it is cuddling with my children during school.

Lindsay S - My students!

Summer B. - My kids.

Samantha Plotkin - A happy home filled with friends, family, and pets!

Sunnie - My husband and kids!

Soo - My sparkle is watching my son having fun at the park today.

Wehaf - My sparkle is getting kisses from my dogs.

DJ - My husband and our fur babies.

Joy Q - My sparkle is my pets.

yvie - my kids!

Ashley - My sparkle is my pets!

julie moore - My daughter is my sparkle!

jenny stratton - My sparkle is watching my family grow up.

Pam H. - My kids are my sparkle.

Dorrie Turner - My sparkle is my sense of humor. Try to make someone smile everyday, it goes a long way for yourself too!

Annamarie Magee - My 6 year old daughter is my sparkle!

Abby Barge - My sparkle is getting married to the love of my life in December!

Darlene Owen - My sparkle is my 6 grandchildren, especially when they call me on FaceTime.

Audra - My daughter is my sparkle

Jenna H - My sparkle is reading a bedtime story to my child!

Andi M - My sparkle today is having a clean craft table I can actually use! 🙂

Tara - Having a job where I can help others better themselves!

Dana - Watching my 4 and 1 year olds learn every day!

Rebecca W - My sparkle is being able to spend time with my husband after a long day of work!

Heidi Bee - My sparkle is watching my kids grow and learn everyday!

Caroline @ In Due Time - What a fun giveaway!