Photo Session: Lillebaby {Plus a giveaway!}

Last year, I set a Photography goal for myself. I wanted to do at least one commercial photo shoot every year. I wanted to stretch myself and see if it was something that I would enjoy.

I’ve had the privilege of shooting for Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market, a local place that used my photography for their submission to Diners Drive-ins and Dives. It was crazy fun to watch that episode air!

This past month, I was able to do a Father’s Day photo shoot for Lillebaby. They design very stylish and functional baby carriers.

I had a great time photographing for the brand! Doing these commercial shoots really makes me push hard to get the best possible images.

Whenever I do a family photo shoot, I have a tendency to edit from the heart of a mom. I end up giving families almost all the pictures because I have a connection with them and their kids are so cute and I figure the mom will want all of them. They get them really amazing pictures, but they also get the pictures where maybe something was cropped off a little funny or maybe one person had her eyes closed in the picture, because someone is being so stinkin’ cute in it, when I really should be only giving them the very best pictures that they would hang on the wall.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to do, but I’ll get there someday, right? Or maybe not… maybe it’s just my style to give everyone everything.

Well, Lillebaby sent me an extra carrier to give away to you!

The shoot went fantastic and I hope you enjoy the pictures. Be sure and enter the contest below. I’m so excited to have something to share with you.

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