Modesty and Style on a Budget

This conversation is sponsored by Uptown Cheapskate! Our family has shopped there since its opening day and I’m thrilled to share a little bit about them with you! 

{Entire outfit from Uptown Cheapskate}

Growing up, I was never really a shopper. I knew what I liked and what I was looking for, and that was about it. My mom was so great about getting me cute clothes, I’m pretty sure I took it completely for granted. When my best friend and I went shopping, I’d just copy her outfit.

Fast forward twenty years and now I have my own teenagers who love to shop and have great taste. The first time I took Julia shopping as a tween, I remember calling mom from the dressing room. I had been finished for 45 minutes, and she still had a pile to try on. She knows exactly what she likes and is so good at not settling. She looks for quality, modesty, and how it really fits on her.

{Dress from Uptown Cheapskate}

Thank goodness she didn’t inherit a ‘grab a pair of jeans that looks like they will fit and run’ gene from me.

Nate has always been a fashionable gentleman is very particular about what he likes. He likes to find a store that has exactly the style he likes and be able to shop and pay within ten minutes.

They both know that spending a lot of money on clothes is not an option, so they have to be creative with their budget.

{Shirt from Uptown Cheapskate}

The Uptown Cheapskate here in Scottsdale is next door to Kid to Kid. We’ve been shopping at Kid to Kid for years, and we were so curious to see Uptown Cheapskate when it opened. It is perfect for our family! I take Riley, Mary Alice, and Sebastian to Kid to Kid and Julia and Nate shop at Uptown Cheapskate.

From Uptown Cheapskate: 

Uptown Cheapskate buys what you loved yesterday and sells what you want today. Bring in your gently used clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for cash on the spot, and snag amazing deals on the brands you love. At Uptown, you’ll find new and gently used clothes from brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Express, Anthropologie, J. Crew, Urban Outfitters and more at a fraction of retail prices.

They always find great clothes and shoes within their budget. We were there a few weeks ago and found two pairs of jeans, two shirts, and a dress for less than $50.00.

After they’ve outgrown their outfits, we take them back to resell. The best part? If they don’t buy the clothes you bring in, you have the option to take them back home or to donate them to a charity that comes by the store to pick them up. This store donates to a women’s shelter. I love that I can drop everything off, and if they don’t buy it for any reason, I know the clothes are going to a great home.

Anyways, you know how I like sharing the places I love in my town with you. If you are local, they have a gift certificate they’d love to give to one of you! Just enter below…


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