Background music…

I love this season. Watching the kids get so excited to go on after dinner walks so that we can ‘see Christmas’ is the best! We leave the dishes on the table, grab our scooters, and take a walk around the neighborhood. (Thank you awesome neighbors for decorating! You make our kids very, very happy!). I watch their faces glow as they stare in wonder at the lights, reindeer, hello kitty, mickey mouse, snowflakes, penguins, snoopy, and candles. They don’t even question the random gathering of characters in our neighborhood. They are just really glad to see them. (We could learn something from them, huh?)

Right after Thanksgiving, I always vow to stay calm. I have a tendency to bark orders at everyone when I feel like the schedule is slipping – you know – is the tree up? are the photos taken? are the cards sent? We don’t have lights up yet? Are we the last ones in the world to do this? In my head, my voice starts to sound like a terrible SNL parody.

The list goes on and I whisper a prayer to take these thoughts far away.

In this sweet season, we are the music playing in the background of our children’s childhood. More than anything, I want to be their dance music when they are  happy and their lullaby when they need a safe place. 

Now where did I put those stockings?

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