Disney Social Media Moms – Friday’s Conference

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome Receiption - Friday

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

On Friday morning, I headed out to hear the conference speakers and guests.

Brian – the real superhero of this trip – took the kids to Disneyland by himself!  I cannot say enough about how supportive and easygoing he was during this entire trip. As I watched the clock, to be sure I was following the itinerary , Brian made sure the kids were having their own kind of fun!

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome Receiption - Friday 2

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome Receiption - Friday 1

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome Receiption - Friday 3

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome Receiption - Friday 4

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

The day was full of inspiration. I was very aware of the same messages pulling on my heart that were present at Hope Spoken.

Everyone has a story to tell.  Everyone has a voice. When you share your story, you just might be helping someone get through one of the toughest times of their life.

Maybe they are a new mom needing encouragement. Maybe they are a tired mom just trying to find a little joy and beauty in the day. Or maybe someone told them to give up and they need us to tell them to just keep on going!

Here are a few quotes I wrote down for you:

“When your job is about making people happy, you end up with a lot of happiness.  It’s a nice bi-product.” – Tom Staggs

“This is a love letter, to our fans.” – Jay Ward 

“People connect with people, not logos.” – Tom Smith

“Blog for a reason, not for attention.” – Donald Driver

“Whatever your plan, whatever your passion, keep going – your blog changes lives.” – Donald Driver

“It’s not what you have, it’s what you give that determines your legacy.” – Maxine Clark

Right?! Wow. Over and over again – those in leadership positions – are telling us the secret of their success. And it is surprising. It’s not about us. It’s about others. 

Let that soak in for a second.

When I sit down to blog and I think about the original reason I started to blog –  I wanted to share my song and invite others to come along.

What is my song? My family and my Faith. I wanted to remember the moments and share them with my family.

If others find inspiration, wonderful! If I can encourage and lift up someone, wow! If God chooses to use me to light up someone’s day for a minute, I’d be honored.

But… when my children have grown and when there are other photographers that can chase after little ones much faster than I can – what is left? What do I want my legacy to look like?

I am going to define it right here, right now, so that it is always a beacon before me:

Kate’s (hopeful) legacy – Love. A love that is innocent and true and humble and kind. A love that always points back to my Savior as the giver of everything good. A love that wraps my children in comfort. A love that encourages my husband as he works everyday to provide for us. A love that respects others. A love that shows grace.

Now wait… how does this line up with Disney?

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. – Walt Disney

Courage. Yes, it takes courage to just be yourself. Thank you, Walt, for being courageous and showing us that it can be done!  Let’s do this!

Disney Social Media Moms – Thursday Welcome

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome Receiption - Thursday 1

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

Thursday evening, I left Brian and the kids in the park and headed back to the hotel for the welcome reception. Coppertone provided a beautiful event for kick off!

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome Receiption - Thursday

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

I ran into blogging friends and felt right at home right away. (Hi Heather!). Many times, people aren’t exactly sure what this blogging gig is, but these friends get it! It is so nice to share that with friends.

We headed back over to the park to join our families for dinner.

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome Receiption - Thursday 2

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

They had closed down Big Thunder Ranch BBQ for us. We were treated to a concert, amazing food, craft stations, and character sightings!  That was our first glimpse of how excited Riley was to meet the characters. He was not afraid for one second! He raced up to them and just wanted to hug and love them as long as they would let him. It was absolutely precious!

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome Receiption - Thursday 3

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

We headed back to the room and tried to get a good night’s sleep giddy about what was in store for us on Friday!

Heather {Brie Brie Blooms} - Super cute photo of us! I’m so glad we were able to enjoy the amazing experience with some of our best blogging friends!

Disney Social Media Moms – Thursday afternoon

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome - Thursday 1

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

The last few days have been an absolute dream! I’ve been away at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. Brian, the kids, and I took off to California Wednesday evening. We were whisked away into a dreamy world of family time.

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration - Thursday

No, I have no idea how I was invited. Yes, I am still pinching myself. Yes, it was one of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me. Thankful and grateful don’t even begin to describe how I feel today.

Disneyland Social Media Moms Welcome - Thursday

Photo Credit : Josh Hallett

As the cast explained the conference and itinerary to me, the kids were treated to snacks and character sightings.  We left our luggage with the desk, grabbed our tickets and tried to squeeze in a little time at Disneyland before the evening’s event.



Laurie - Don’t stop there I want to hear all about it!!

Megan - I’m dying over here! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip and conference!!

Meg - So fun! We’ve been trying to figure out when the best time is to take the first trip to see “Mickey!” Glad you guys are having fun!

Disney Printables for your road trip!

Disney Printables

I should be packing, but instead I am printing out activities for the kids to keep them entertained in the car.

It is only a six hour drive to Disneyland, but those six hours are just enough time to arrive at the happiest place on earth with a little less love in our hearts than we started with.

I’ve printed out three copies of each printable and each little will have their own pen and folder. This should work – theoretically speaking.  And, when all else fails, I will throw the iPad at them.

Feel free to print these out to add to your own sanity kit!

The outlaws are here!

Kate Eschbach Photography-22jpgab

The outlaws in-laws are here!

Brian’s parents are on the adventure of a lifetime. I keep trying to talk them into starting a blog, but until then, I’ll just tell you the stories on their behalf.  I’m sure they’ll love me for it.

They are living the dream. They are traveling the world and we are their first stop.

They pulled in Thursday night after their first terrible dust storm.

I’ve been treated to a full refrigerator and great meals.

Yes, I know it is gonna get a little weird and hard some days. But they are good people. And we love them dearly. I’m so thankful that they are here loving on a few of their grand-kids.

We are gonna work on being honest, being funny, and loving fiercely.  That is what we do best around these parts.

Love you all! Stay tuned for misadventures of the outlaws.


Meg - One day we WILL own a vintage Airstream and travel the 50 States. Maybe for the boys’ high school graduation… right before college. Ha!