My Journal…






a. A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis; a diary.
b. An official record of daily proceedings, as of a legislative body.
c. Nautical A ship’s log.
My Texas friend, Melissa, introduced me to having a journal ~ but only of positive things…  {I think she had a fancy word for it, but I can’t remember it… sorry M!}
I ordered a journal from NightOwlCraftWorks, cut out some cute pictures from an Anthropologie magazine and stuck it in my purse.
Over the last two years, I’ve pulled it out at random times to write down happy things.  Lyrics, moments, phrases the kids say, poems that rattle around in my head, letters I want to remember to write…
I encourage all of you to get a journal and do the same…  it is the perfect pick me up for those moments of self doubt and loneliness…
Have a wonderful day!

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Marijah - Hey! Stopping by from Lynnette Kraft’s GTKY! (:
Your journal looks lovely! I started keeping a combo prayer/daily journal in the past two years and it’s so nice to be able to look back and see what’s happend! That’s neat that you keep it in your purse, and only write positive or happy things.
I really enjoy your blog so far! I’m out here in Arizona for the summer babysitting my cousin, so it’s neat that you live in AZ! It sure is beautiful out here, God’s creativity is so evident! (:
God bless you & yours!

KCinKansas - I’ve kept a prayer journal/diary combination for many years but I love the idea of a small journal to record positive/uplifting experiances and thoughts. You have nice writing also! Thanks for sharing this.
I found your blog through Lynnette.

Melissa - Katie, I call it my Inspiration Journal. It has beautiful pictures and quotes that inspire me – meaningful and convicting in a way that makes me want to move to action, not crawl into the bed and cry 🙂 You would be interested to know that I went back and saw a whole section of quotes that I’d copied in about choosing happiness…right about the time that we were realizing that we’d need to relocate. I saw the pages a year later and thought, ‘my goodness WHAT was going on here?’ and then saw the date. Oh. Yes. You probably know exactly what I mean 🙂 Anyway…it is a freeing form of journaling in that I don’t have to keep up with it daily.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Would you believe the rainbow effect was real? We were sitting at Krispy Kreme and the sun was hitting the glass door just right….

Sara Blake - I used to journal but life consumed me and I forgot about it. I’ll have to get back on the journal writing. Thanks for sharing! I love the rainbow effect on the photos too!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - NightOwlCrafts… Thank you! I would love to join that flickr group! - Thanks for the mention! I can’t believe it’s been that long!!! I love hearing about what people are doing with their journals, so often they don’t want to “ruin” them by writing in them! SO glad you are still using your journal and that it’s bringing you joy.
p.s. if you'd like, I created a flickr group for customer photos. you could add these pics 😀

Valerie D - I’ve always tried to keep a journal but then I forget to write in it. I think keeping it positive is a very good idea, making it more of a celebration of your life. I’m going to go back and give it a try again, thanks for the inspiration.

Sara at Saving For Someday - This is so lovely! I like that you mention it’s small enough to fit in your purse. I have a journal on my night table. By time I crawl in to bed I’m exhausted and the last thing I want to do is engage my brain in writing something that won’t sound like a series of clicks when I go back and read it. Having it with me would do the trick!
Thanks for such a great suggestion!