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Grace, Works, and Harmony

Thank you so much to those of you who accepted the challenge last week to get out there and do some good! I loved all ofView full post »

Popes Hope Challenge – Do Some Good

“But you too, help one another: help one another always. In this way, by helping one another, we will do some goodView full post »

Mary Alice in her Baptism Dress | Just Pictures

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The Baptism Dress

A dear friend that I sing with pulled me aside one day. She told me that she had lived next to a French gentleman thatView full post »

Confirmation gifts, tips for being a great confirmation sponsor, {and a giveaway!}

Disclosure: I am a Family Christian blogger. I received a gift certificate to facilitate my review. It is my honor toView full post »

Dear Julia, (because someday you will read this)

My oldest, you are a treasure to me. You have been a source of absolute joy and peace these past months. As I battledView full post »

Dear mom who’s pregnant again and tired

Dear mom who’s pregnant again and tired, I know you feel like you are supposed to be excited. I know you feel likeView full post »

Under a bushel (hiding a miracle)

I’ve made an executive decision. I’ve decided that I’ve allowed my feelings to be a bushel – theView full post »

Raising a Modern Day Knight

Disclosure: I am a Family Christian blogger. It is my honor to share news with you from a store that I enjoy and supportView full post »

Speak Hope {Free Printable}

Last week, I emailed the sweet friends at Hope Spoken to let them know that I wouldn’t be going. It is just tooView full post »

Meet each other with a smile…

Right outside of mom and dad’s front door is a beautiful tree, loaded with red berries. When it rains, the berriesView full post »

Christmas 2014 – no fancy pictures

As we finished packing for Texas, Brian reminded me to pack my camera. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed, so I opted justView full post »

Pre-term labor, rest, and praise

At 2:30pm yesterday, I sat straight up from a nap. It hurt. I was sleepy, so I couldn’t quite tell what I wasView full post »

Chasing Fall

For a few months now, I’ve been searching everywhere for fall. When I visited Nashville a few months ago withView full post »

Mary, her song, and preparing

The last few weeks, I’ve been wrapped up in how I should feel – grateful, thankful, happy, and all thoseView full post »

Live Recording – Dove’s Eyes

This was recorded live at Mass a few weeks ago. When I sing it, I think about the room being empty – and really,View full post »