Recipe: Gameday Pulled Pork Sliders

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The big game is coming! If you need to put something together quickly, these are so perfect. My guys love it when I surprise them with this, which makes me so happy, because they are so effortless! These are perfect for feeding a hungry crowd on gameday and they work perfectly for those nights you don’t have a lot of time to cook. These BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders are so easy to throw together! These sliders are always a hit with the whole family!


1 – Package of PreCooked pulled pork (we love the Jack Daniels Pulled Pork)

(the Jack Daniels Pulled Pork is already flavored with Tennessee whiskey BBQ sauce)

1 – If you need to add BBQ sauce, Sweet Baby Ray’s is amazing!

1/2 Cup – shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 Package of Hawaiian Rolls


Cook the pulled pork according to directions.

Combine pulled pork with BBQ sauce if necessary.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place 1/2 of Hawaiian Rolls in glass baking dish.

Spoon BBQ Pulled Pork on top of rolls.

Sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese over the pork. If 1/2 cup isn’t enough, feel free to go crazy and add more!

Place the other 1/2 of Hawaiian Rolls on top.

Bake for seven minutes (or until cheese starts to melt).

Put the tray out and watch them disappear as everyone walks by! Enjoy!

(This is one recipe that reheats well! If there are any leftovers, I put them in individual ziplock bags. To reheat, remove the ziplock bag and microwave for 25 seconds on a microwave safe plate.)






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Flying by and pulling up

It’s the story as old as time. He’s growing up so quickly.

I haven’t slept, but I blinked. (I’m seriously gonna make a t-shirt out of this!)

He is pulling up now and cruising. I keep trying to tell him he has plenty of time to slow down and learn, but he keeps smiling as he does it, so I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to run after this one pretty soon!

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DIY: Day of the Dead Mask – Disney Coco Inspired

Did you see Disney’s Coco? It is coming out on Blu-Ray on February 27th. I’m sharing a fun and simple craft below, along with the printable so you can download it yourself.

Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday observed around the world. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. Isn’t that beautiful? The bright and bold colors are stunning and make the perfect backdrop for a beautiful party.


What you will need:

  • a print out of the mask
  • crayons
  • scissors


{Click here for a PDF of the mask}

Kate Eschbach Photography-4

Talk to the kids about symmetry. We looked up a few pictures on my phone and talked about how the masks were the same on both sides – as if you could fold the mask in half, right down the middle, and it would be the same on both sides.

I started with the eyes. Whatever I did to one eye, I did to the other eye.

It was so fun to see what they were coming up with!

Kate Eschbach Photography-2

Kate Eschbach Photography-20

Have them cut out and show off their mask!

Kate Eschbach Photography-38

We had a blast at our Day of the Dead party! Be sure and stop by the other blogs to get ideas! These bloggers are rockstar DIY/Craft and Food bloggers – check out the amazing list of tutorials!


Kate Eschbach Photography-33

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Staying Healthy on the Road

Disclosure: Consideration has been provided for publishing this article. These are great tips to remember before you head out the door! 

Whether you’re taking a road trip, visiting family that lives out of town, or traveling for business, you’ll want to stay healthy. Traveling puts your body through extra stressors such as jet lag and unfamiliar food, and you don’t want to get sick during your trip. Follow the tips below to keep yourself in top shape while you’re on the road.

Keep Up Your Fitness Routine

Image via Flickr by Phil Roeder

Depending on your itinerary and fitness level, walking through the city and climbing stairs all day may be enough exercise. If those activities are not challenging enough for you — or if you’re mostly lounging on the beach — you’ll want to follow a fitness routine.

Many hotels and resorts have on-site fitness centers that you can use for free, or you can research the area to find gyms. If you’re at a beach destination, look into water sports such as stand-up paddleboarding or surfing. Are you into biking? Look for city biking tours so that you can put in a workout while checking out the landmarks. Other options include working out in your hotel room with body weight exercises, going jogging, or bringing a jump rope for a quick and easy cardio routine.

Get Enough Sleep

While it is important to enjoy the area’s attractions and nightlife, it is also important to get enough sleep.  Too little sleep weakens your immune system, and you want to ensure you stay healthy throughout your travels and when you get home. A 2015 study found that people who get less than six hours of sleep each night are more than four times likely to develop a cold than people who get at least seven to eight hours of rest.

Avoid the sniffles by getting enough sleep. If getting your rest is not possible at night, try fitting a nap into your daily schedule. Keep in mind that your body will also be tired from the time zone changes and from long days of sightseeing.

Proper Hydration 

When you’re walking to and from different attractions all day, you’ll want to stay hydrated. As you likely already know, drinking bottled water is safer than drinking tap water while traveling. You should also be aware of the dehydrating effect of alcoholic drinks and sugary or caffeinated beverages such as coffee, soda, fruit juice, and caffeinated tea.

You don’t need to avoid those drinks completely, but you’ll need to supplement them with water. Foods with plenty of fluids, such as cucumbers and watermelons, can also help with hydration. Eating bananas can also help replace some of the potassium you lose through sweating.

It’s a good idea to keep track of your water intake to avoid dehydration symptoms such as headaches, irritability, muscle cramps, and low blood pressure. The recommendation for women ages 19 and older is at least 72 ounces, which is about 9 cups, of water each day. This number increases for women who are pregnant, breast-feeding, or are living in or visiting a hot climate.

Make your next trip enjoyable by following the tips above and staying healthy. You’ll feel better while you’re traveling, and you’ll come home with great memories.

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The Greatest Showman, Beauty, and Leah Darrow – One Catholic Mom’s View of Beauty

In a rare and wonderful collision of events, I escaped to the theater with Julia and Nate on Sunday to see The Greatest Showman. The next day, I attended a talk on Beauty by Leah Darrow, Catholic Speaker Extraordinaire and contestant on America’s Next Top Model.

After I saw The Greatest Showman, I knew I wanted to write about it. I had to. I wanted to stand and cheer and cry and dance. This movie unapologetically calls us out as hypocrites when we hide people who the world does not label as beautiful. As an audience, we rally and cheer when we find ourselves on the side of seeing true beauty in the dancers, singers, and performers who take our breath away, no matter what they look like on the outside. We find ourselves smiling and overcome with joy as they become a family of people who accept each other and are finally treated with dignity.

Do I think the director, Michael Gracey, was hoping to teach us all about true beauty in a hopes to knock social norms off it’s pedestal? I hope so. I’d love to think that his aim was truly virtuous.

The next day, I sat in a dark auditorium and listed to Leah Darrow speak about the formula for beauty given by St. Thomas Aquinas. We don’t know our true beauty. We don’t know the Father’s unfathomable love for us. And we don’t fully trust Him or His love for us. We don’t believe we are a reflection of Beauty Himself.

Yes! I thought to myself as I sat us straighter. That’s it!

His image.

We are made in His image and when we truly see others with dignity, we see Christ. No wonder we can look at people who society would say need to be changed in some way and see absolute, undeniable beauty.

This. To see beauty in the un-beautiful is exactly what the movie, perhaps unknowingly does. Is it a mistake when the words ‘We are Glorious?’ are sung? No. What does glorious mean? To be adored. And what, what is it that we so fervently adore except our God and King.

And then, after we see the movie. What are we to do with our definitions? Do we keep them in the little black notebook tucked in our pockets? Do we pull out the definition and hold it up next to people to see if they neatly fit within the boundaries?

As we scroll through Instagram or glance at the lady at the grocery store with the gray hair that she hasn’t had time to cover, do we put her into the column of un-beautiful?

No. After you see the movie, you are no longer allowed to grip the definition of beauty you’ve subscribed to. You are forced to write a new definition.

Thankfully, we have that definition. People, all people, regardless of creed, or color, or race, or religion are reflections of His image. We see our beautiful Savior in these faces. No longer can we only look at the magazines with the perfect outfits and hair, because the scales have fallen from our eyes and our hearts are learning the real definition of beauty.

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