Get in the pictures

Riley asked me if he could take a few pictures. I was feeling very, very self conscious about my postpartum self. But I want him to know that we are all beautiful, no matter how we feel or how we look. God made us for this moment, to love each other and serve each other.

If I really, really mean that, then pictures of myself shouldn’t scare me or make me wince. So, wincing is still happening, but I’ll work on that!

A few years ago, my friend Ashley wrote a beautiful post, reminding us all to get in the picture – so without further ado…

Riley’s portraits:

And then, he handed the camera over and said, “mom, will you get my jumps?”

Yes, baby. I’ll gladly take pictures of you any day. I love you, my dear Riley. I’m so glad you are here.

Mary Thompson - Beautiful and fun ! Stunning!

Southern Gal - I may not like the way I look, but I never regret having pictures of me and my kids. Never. Plus I’m getting older every single day…perspective!!!

Sebastian Two Months Old

Sebastian turned two months old on the 10th. Someday, I will get the pictures uploaded closer to the actual day!

He is such a precious little boy. He doesn’t really cry – he makes these little coos to let us know that he needs something. It is so endearing. He’s already smiling and laughing at his siblings, who are smitten with him. He found his hand the other day, and was quite impressed with himself.

He loves to be swaddled and is sleeping 5-6 hours in a row pretty regularly, which I am incredibly grateful for.

Some days, the stars align and the angels sing and I’m able to time his nap with Mary Alice’s nap. One day, I’ll have this down, but we are still practicing. I love how babies slow me down. I love how I get lost in the sweetness of nursing and singing and watching Mary Alice play and I loose another morning.

Yes, some days are crazytown. Yes, some days I’m pretty sure I deserve a gold medal for getting to the grocery store and getting the groceries put away all myself. Yes, some days I look up and the house looks like 25 screaming monkeys have run through the house. Some days I’m covered in spit up and I haven’t brushed my hair, but I know it will pass so quickly. For now, I’ll just look into those cute eyes and be completely happy being a mess.

In the backyard with grandpa

I have very fond memories of my childhood backyard in Plano, Texas.

My father worked so hard to make it beautiful for mom. When you walked out the sliding glass doors, you saw crepe myrtles directly in front of you – they alternated white, pink, red, white, pink, red – all the way down the back fence.

If you looked to your right, you were met with stunning roses – tiffany (yellow I think?) and purple (sterling silver?). On Sunday afternoons, we would go out to the backyard and cut roses to put on the table for dinner. Dad taught us how to carefully cut the roses, at an angle. We watched out for thorns and gently shook them out, watching for aphids.

If you looked in the back right corner, you saw a garden with cherry tomatoes, corn, blueberries, and marigolds to keep the fire ants out of the corn.

Our backyard was always beautiful. This is where we would drink iced tea and play chess. This is where we would go with dad to learn how to whistle with a blade of grass between your thumbs. This is where you would watch him call all the birds to come and sing to us.

This past week, dad came to Arizona to take mom home to Texas.

I looked up one afternoon and was taken back to my childhood, spending time with him in the backyard.

Slowly, the backyard is becoming more beautiful. But looking at these pictures, I clearly see it is the people in my backyard that I’m enjoying the most. Thank you, dad, for letting us borrow mom for so long. Thank you for loving my kids so well.


tinuviel - Love this! Thanks for the reminder, too. This week I’m missing our old backyard and the birds. (Our feeder is up here, but they haven’t taken to it yet.) The pool is pretty and all, but maybe what is really lacking out back is people I love. It’s almost swim season, and I am looking very much forward to that pool being full of family!

Mary Thompson - John always says he is making memories,
Not working or doing chores, but making memories. He is my love.

Khristena - Your backyard is beautiful and so are the people in it! I’m glad you got to spend some quality time with your mom and that your dad was sweet enough to come an get her.

My work just opened a plant in McKinney and is planning to build a plant in Plano in the next few years. I’m considering the move…but I’m a little intimidated about a move from Washington State to Texas. There are so, so many differences…

Mary Alice’s Birthday Celebration

Sebastian was one month old when Mary Alice turned two. I wanted to make her birthday special, but I wasn’t sure how or what to do.

Mom was staying with us to help and she made the most glorious 2nd birthday party you’ve ever seen.

Mom noticed that Mary Alice is in love with Curious George and her birthday party unfolded.

And skype – is that not the most amazing invention ever? We called grandparents and aunts and uncles as she opened gifts. It was so special to see her interact with them as we called. I’m so thankful that we can stay in touch with our family with technology.

And then, a cape. Julia colored the inside of her cape and it was absolutely perfect for her. The rest of the evening we were entertained by the dancing and spinning of a purple butterfly!

Thank you mama for making special memories. You are a blessing!

Southern Gal - What a sweet birthday! Just love your big girl in her cape.

Bernadette Rozier - Grandmas are GREAT. Mary Alice looks a lot like Bryan. God bless you family. Enjoyed you blog.